General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 22, 2022)

Published on August 18, 2022.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s set to unfold in the land of Port Charles over the next five days?! The Quartermaines will host a hospital fundraiser, while Sam and Dante get some relationship help. Also, Willow will reveal all to Michael. Learn more about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for the week of August 22nd, 2022.

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10. Drama At The Fundraiser

GH spoilers for next week indicate that when the Quartermaine Family hosts a hospital fundraiser, things may not go as planned! What kind of drama will unfold? Plenty! First off, it sounds like Dante and Sam will get a little “push” from Olivia and BLQ to take the next step in their relationship. But that’s not all…

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9. Leo’s “Special Love Drink”

GH spoilers for the week of August 22nd hint that during the Quartermaine fundraiser, which will actually be a “picnic” event, Leo will prepare a “special love drink” for Sam and Dante. What will the little guy put in this beverage “potion”? That’s unclear, but as the event goes on, Dante will have a change of heart.

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8. Love Is In The Air!

The Quartermaine fundraiser will also prove to be an eventful time for potential couples in Port Charles. GH spoilers suggest that Chase will admit how he feels, while Rory and Trina get closer. Lastly, Drew and Carly will second-guess their relationship. Will they decide to move out of the friend zone and into the romance zone?

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7. Drew and Carly’s Dire Situation

Speaking of Drew and Carly, GH spoilers for the week of August 22nd reveal that the two will find themselves in a dire situation. What’ll happen now? Meanwhile, in other teasers, Olivia will make it crystal clear that she does not support Sonny and Nina’s relationship. Lastly, Dex will feel as if Mr. Corinthos may be “onto him”.

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6. Willow Tells Michael Everything

Willow’s health situation is bad, but the good news is that GH spoilers suggest that she’ll tell Michael about her diagnosis. Will she tell him the “whole” truth, or will she sugar-coat things? In other news, Willow will also sit down with Britt to gain a better understanding of her condition.

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5. The Cassadines Are In “Crisis Mode”

Sounds like Nik, Ava and Victor will continue to deal with the Esme cover-up during the week of August 22nd. GH spoilers imply that Nikolas may have to pull together all the tricks he can muster to keep the truth from coming out. Meanwhile, Victor will warn Ava not to cross his family. In other news, Ava and Nik will be at each other’s throats in the days ahead.

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4. Spencer’s World

GH spoilers suggest that Nikolas will also try to bond with Spencer this week; however, the young man will want no part of it. In other news, it sounds like Spence will be brought into the Esme loop when he “finds out the truth” about something. Lastly, Ava will be caught off guard by the time the weekend hits. Has Esme passed or will she return?

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3. Elizabeth’s Dramatic Flashback

GH spoilers for the week of August 22nd note that Liz will have a “dramatic flashback”, which might provide a clear picture of her behavior as of late. In other news, Finn will confess something to Elizabeth. How will she react when she finds out what he’s been up to?

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2. Cody’s Past

GH spoilers indicate that Lucy, Anna, Mac and Felicia will gather to talk about Cody’s past — and more specifically, his birth parents. In related teasers, Britt will make it clear to Mr. Bell that she does not want to talk about her father. Lastly, Anna will recruit someone new to get the dirt on Victor. Who could this be?

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1. More Spoilers!

Terry will feel a “spark” this week with someone. So, who’s the lucky guy? Meanwhile, Mason will threaten Austin, as Portia gets a pleasant surprise from Curtis. In other spoilers for Ms. Robinson, she’ll get some news about Trina. Now that her daughter has been proven innocent, what could this be about? Lastly, Marshall and Jordan will hash things out.

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