General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 23, 2021)

Published on August 18, 2021.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap in the land of Port Charles? BLQ questions Chase’s motives, while Sam turns to Anna for help. Plus, Nina bumps into a familiar face in Nixon Falls! Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for the week of August 23rd, 2021.

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9. BLQ Questions Chase

Are these two headed for a romance? Maybe soon! GH spoilers for this coming week indicate that Brook Lynn will question something Chase does. Meanwhile, Willow will make a decision in the coming days to finally come clean with her “husband”. As the days go by, she’ll be ready to face him, but does she need to overly stress about this? After all, he does already know what she and Michael have been up to!

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8. Sam Turns To Anna

Sam will continue to try and sort out the phone call she received this week from Drew. GH spoilers hint that the truth will “unfold” in this storyline over the coming days, so Sam will turn to Anna Devane for help. As the days go by, McCall will start to think about what the future could hold.

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7. A Familiar Face In Nixon Falls

GH spoilers suggest that Nina will see a familiar face in Nixon Falls this week. Is it someone from Port Charles? Added teasers note that Sonny will also make a new acquaintance… is it the same “familiar face” Reeves runs into? As the days go by, Nina will feel like she’s in a tight corner, which prompts her to make a call for help. Meanwhile, “Mike” will tend to Phyllis as she continues to grieve.

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6. Maxie Returns!

Maxie Jones will return to Port Chuckles during the week of August 23rd and is sprinkled in many GH spoilers. She’ll still struggle with handing over Louise to BLQ, and it sounds like things will get awkward in the coming days when she runs into Brook Lynn and Valentin, with Baby Bailey in tow. In other news, Maxie will help Jason and Carly plan their wedding.

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5. Austin’s World

Speaking of Maxie, GH spoilers state that Scotty Baldwin will start to think that Dr. Austin has a “thing” for Ms. Jones. Is he right? In related teasers, Ned will try to strike a bargain deal with the good doctor, so this likely has to do with ELQ and Austin’s inheritance rights. Plus, Austin will see Michael in a different light.

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4. Jarly Drama

GH spoilers for this coming week promise a ton of Jarly drama! First thing’s first: as Maxie tries to plan their wedding, she’ll have a hard time locating Carly to chat about details. As the days go by, Carly will be a nervous wreck and Jason will be the only one who can calm her down. Meanwhile, “old feelings” will also surface, and Mrs. Corinthos (soon-to-be Mrs. Stone Cold) will find it hard to push those feelings aside.

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3. The Focus On Joss

GH spoilers reveal that Jason will sit down and have a talk with Josslyn this week. What will these two chat about? In other news, while Jax and Carly have butt heads recently, they’ll realize over the coming days that they both have their daughter’s best interests at heart. As such, they’ll decide the best thing is to work together. They’ve finally come to their senses!

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2. Laura’s News

GH spoilers indicate that Laura will receive some pretty alarming news in the coming days. Will it be good or bad? Meanwhile, added teasers suggest that Nikolas will be given some crushing news by Ava, who’s made her final decision on things. Lastly, Spencer will visit Alexis at Spring Ridge.

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1. Tensions Rise At The Hospital

Rounding out GH spoilers for this week, Elizabeth will accidentally increase tensions between Terry and Britt. Meanwhile, Finn will be happy to receive something unexpected, which catches him off guard (in a good way). Finally, Liesl and Britt will be celebrating something. Does this have to do with Westbourne’s health?

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