General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 5, 2019)

Published on August 1, 2019. Updated November 11, 2019

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Time to gear up for another drama-filled week in the land of Port Charles! Learn more about what will happen to Franco, Liz, Ava, JaSam, Shiloh, Brad, Lucas, Wiley, Sasha, Nina and others in the GH spoilers for the week of August 5, 2019.

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9. Franco Shocked

GH spoilers state that Franco will be deeply disturbed and shocked this week. Could it be that he overhears something about Wiley while he’s in and around the hospital? Or could Franco learn something about who pushed Liesl last week? Either way, he’ll be taken aback, so there’s a good possibility he accidentally lands himself in the middle of another GH storyline, as per the usual.

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8. Psychic Spot On

On to other related GH spoilers, they tease that psychic Chelsea Lamb’s warning to Franco from last week will be accurate, and unravel this coming week. Franco was told to “not take that drive”, and there’s a good chance that he could land into an accident in the coming days.

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7. Liz Gets A Phone Call

Further to the above GH spoilers, Franco’s wife Elizabeth will get a scary phone this week. If Franco is in a car crash and in the hospital, Liz will get the telephone call, which is every wife’s worst nightmare come to reality. Could Franco learn about a secret in Port Charles (i.e. Nina’s real daughter, Wiley, who pushed Liesl) and then fall into a coma, further prolonging a storyline reveal?

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6. Scott & Ava

Speaking of psychic, while she may end up being right about Franco, GH spoilers hint that Scott will believe Chelsea is tricking Ava. In fact, he’ll most likely warn Ava to stay away from the psychic moving forward. But will Ava listen? Moreover, will Ava do something extreme to Ryan in order to ensure her daughter’s soul is at rest?

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5. Sasha Turns To Maxie

On to other storylines, GH spoilers suggest that Sasha will turn to Maxie this week to confide in her. Could it be about her relationship with Michael, or something else? Teasers indicate that Lucy may be the key to popping Nina’s real daughter secret out in the open. She’s been placed in Sasha’s world, and Coe has a way of picking up on things. In other related teasers, Nina will be concerned about something.

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4. Shiloh’s World

Seems as if Shiloh will still be up to his dirty games this week. GH spoilers state that he’ll offer up a decision of sorts to Jason. Could it be that Shiloh is hoping to mend fences with Stone Cold and stay away? As the week continues, Shiloh will begin to feel desperate about a situation.

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3. Julian & Lucas Bond

In warm and fuzz spoilers, Lucas and dad Julian will bond this week, which is exactly what these two need right now. With all the Wiley drama going on, Julian may provide Lucas with the support he needs. In other related teasers, Lucas will offer an update later on in the week.

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2. Finn Needs Help

GH spoilers indicate that Finn will require some help this week, and he will turn to Epiphany. Seems like she’ll have the expertise he needs for the situation he is and, and in the end, she’ll save the day for him. Could this be about any pending health issues he may have, or will Epiphany simply help with a case he is working on?

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding up GH spoilers this week, bad news is coming Alexis’ way, while Drew reaches out to Sonny. Across town, Cameron will get surprised by Joss, and will Sam will be argumentative. Last but not least, Maxie will get some support from Peter, and Robert has some sad news to share.

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