General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (March 25, 2019)

Published on March 22, 2019.

The land of Port Charles keeps spinning, as March winds down to an end. Two characters return to town, another one spills a huge secret from her past, and a daughter betrays her mom. Learn about these storylines and others, in the below General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of March 25, 2019.

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9. Willow’s Secret

GH fans will be floored this coming week to learn that Shiloh is the father of Willow’s baby. Spoilers tease that she’ll get the shock of her life when he visits her, and she’ll be so shaken by it that she decides to leave Port Charles before he finds out the truth.

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8. Chase Learns The Truth

GH spoilers indicate that Chase will appear during Shiloh’s visit to Willow. He’ll save her in that regard, and she’ll tell him about how she was a part of Dawn of Day when the cult leader seduced her. Can Chase convince Willow against leaving the little town? Here’s hoping he can.

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7. Liz Reaches Out

Speaking of Willow, Liz will reach out to her this week. This most likely has to do with Aiden and the entire Charlotte/bullying storyline. Willow had some explosive scenes with Nina and Valentin last week, so it seems this will all come to a head in the coming days. But, will Willow skip town before anything can truly be resolved?

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6. Valentine Reaches Out To Lulu

Valentin will pay a visit to Lulu this week, and it will probably have to do with Charlotte and all she’s going through. Liz will feel re-assured as the week progresses, so here’s hoping that the parents and children can resolve this in-class issue. Having said that, Lulu will have her plate full with other things going on in her life.

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5. Sonny & Dante

Dante and Sonny will return to town after Raj is killed. Thankfully, Lulu will see her husband again; however, sadly, Dante will have to deal with flashbacks to his horrific time in Turkey. With all that Lulu has gone through while he was away, he won’t want to share anything with his wife; he doesn’t want to do anything that will further disturb their reunion.

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4. Dawn of Day

GH spoilers tease that Kristina will betray her mom in some fashion this week. In fact, Alexis will reach out to Jordan, so it could be about the cult and their activities. Either way, as the week progresses, Sam will be forced to choose sides on an argument, and if this does have to do with DOD, she’ll most likely be siding with Shiloh and Kristina to keep her cover clean.

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3. Sonny Discouraged

GH spoilers indicate that Sonny will feel down this week. He’s got a lot on his plate. With Carly’s pregnancy, Dante’s return, and Kristina, he may feel like he is powerless when it comes to protecting his kids. He and Alexis will talk about things, so it seems that his main focus in the coming days might be his daughter and her involvement with DOD.

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2. Julian Tries To Help Ava

GH spoilers indicate that Julian’s main focus this week will be his sister, Ava. He’ll reach out to her and beg her to seek help. She’s been through a lot these past months, and is on the cusp of a nervous breakdown. He knows she needs the aid of a professional, here’s hoping she can see it too.

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1. More Spoilers!

GH teasers hint that Margaux will be given news that’ll make her giddy, while Anna will come to the realization that the worst-case scenario may be on the horizon for her. In other GH spoiler news, Liesl will get a bad vibe about something, and Laura will be left shocked by week’s end.

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