8 Demi Lovato Hairstyles Ranked From Worst To Best

Published on August 21, 2017.

“Confident” singer Demi Lovato definitely lives by the motto of her song to pull off the variety of hairstyles she’s rocked during her time in the spotlight. The star has experimented with bold colors, ombre tips, bobs and bangs to the point where we don’t know what hairstyle to expect when she makes a red carpet appearance! Although we appreciate Lovato’s ability to be bold and step out of her comfort zone when it comes to hair, there are definitely a few styles she’s tried that aren’t the most flattering. Follow along for 8 of Demi Lovato’s ever changing hairstyles ranked from best to worst:

8. iHeartRadio Music Festival — 2015

Back in 2015, Demi Lovato channeled her inner Miley Cyrus and rocked a highly questionable 3-prong top knot. We’re unsure that the 2015 twerking version of Miley Cyrus is the best source of style inspiration and Demi’s hairstyle definitely proves this assumption to be true. This style is not the most flattering or ladylike, but despite this, Lovato rocked it confidently as she debuted her smash single “Cool For The Summer” at the iHeart Radio Festival.

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7. People’s Choice Awards — 2012

In 2012, Lovato stepped out rocking freshly dyed tresses and subtly transformed her typical brunette style to a copper red color. This shade is quite difficult to pull off and Lovato definitely looks more theatrical than natural with this particular tone of red. Her choice of red dress made the color of her hair look even more awkward and artificial as well.

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6. MTV Music Video Awards — 2014

Not only does the star experiment with color when it comes to her hair, but in 2014 Lovato shaved half her head in a punk-inspired new ‘do. Although we appreciate her boldness with this risky hair move, the edgy buzzcut seemed like more of an attempt to escape her former Disney reputation than a respectable hairstyle. Keep trying, Demi!

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5. Frozen Premiere — 2013

In 2013, Demi Lovato stepped out with an icy new ‘do at the Frozen premiere in which she sang the theme song “Let it Go” for the film. The jewel toned shade complimented the winter theme of the film but we’re not sure it did the same for Lovato. Although we have to admit we love how daring this hairstyle is, the blue color washed out her complexion and looked too artificial and patchy for our liking.

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4. American Idol Season 13 Finale — 2014

Lovato stepped out at the 2014 American Idol Season 13 finale with a new ombre ‘do thanks to the help of some honey-coloured hair extensions. She pulled off the style quite well but we wish she would have opted for a more blended bang rather than the blunt, choppy style. The look is both rocker and feminine, which seems the perfect mix for the style Lovato is trying to exude!

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3. MTV Video Music Awards — 2012

In a complete 360 transformation from the brunette locks we came to expect from Lovato, the star stepped out rocking platinum blonde flowing hair in 2012! Although typically it’s quite obvious when a brunette attempts to go blonde, Lovato surprisingly pulls this color off and makes it look like her natural hair. Bravo, Demi!

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2. WE Day California — 2016

In 2016 Lovato rocked a freshly cropped long bob in a raven colored shade that we thought she pulled off flawlessly. The choppy style was the perfect dose of rocker-chic, which she had obviously been trying to cultivate throughout the years, but was still sophisticated and mature. A shade this dark initially seems quite difficult to pull off, but on Lovato it absolutely works and compliments her dark features.

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1. WE Day California — 2017

Of all Lovato’s hair looks, we have to admit the wavy, boho-inspired locks she donned at the 2017 WE Day event in California is our favorite! The dark locks still ring true to the singer’s rocker side, but the center part and wavy texture scream summer. She added a hint of lightness to the look by incorporating caramel-colored highlights throughout her hair that complimented her olive coloring flawlessly.

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