Ashley Iaconetti Reveals Ben Higgins Needs A “Humble Girl” After His Split

Published on July 19, 2017.
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Bachelor nation alum Ashley Iaconetti recently opened up about her opinion on Ben Higgins’ split from Lauren Bushnell.

“He’s very single. He’s mostly home and hanging out with his guy friends,” Iaconetti told Entertainment Tonight. When asked her opinion about Ben’s next girl, Iaconetti responded, “I think Ben needs a girl that’s, like, low maintenance — a natural, church-going, humble girl who’s, like, looking to go with him when he does his mission trips. And somebody who’s a very good conversationalist, for sure.”

Iaconetti and Higgins recently launched a podcast together entitled Ben and Ashley I: Almost Famous. The duo working together initially instigated controversy about a potential romance, but the stars quickly shut down the rumors and revealed the collaboration was strictly business.

Iaconetti also shared her opinion on why Ben and Lauren didn’t work out in the end, “It was probably, like, the youth [that caused their breakup],” Iaconetti explained. “And they just needed to live separate lives for a little bit longer before committing, like, really taking marriage seriously.”

Meanwhile, sources have shared Bushnell has moved on and found a new relationship with Bachelor alum Devin Antin. Allegedly the couple knew each other before either of them appeared on the show and their new relationship is growing stronger. “If something does come, I really want to take things slow,” Lauren previously shared when speaking about new romances. “Because obviously on the Bachelor, things don’t move slow.”

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins Relationship

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