Bachelor Spoilers 2020: Reality Steve Reveals Whether Hannah Actually Joins Peter’s Season

Published on November 26, 2019.

The new year will begin with an all new season of The Bachelor which premieres on January 6, 2020 and with just over one month to go until season 24, ABC is finally releasing full promos for what looks to be one of the craziest seasons in Bachelor Nation history.

With Peter Weber looking for love, many still can’t get over how close of a connection he had with Hannah Brown before she left him heart broken after overnight dates in her Bachelorette season. Ahead of Peter Weber’s season, spoiler king Reality Steve has been hard at work giving all the major details and updates during filming, and many already knew that Hannah Brown would be a prominent part of Peter’s season, but now they are wondering how prominent.

On Monday, November 25, during the season finale of Dancing With the Stars, which Hannah Brown happened to win, ABC revealed the first full trailer for Peter’s upcoming season, and in it he asks her to join in the season and compete for his heart. A second promo then revealed Hannah getting out of a limo at the mansion while the women were very unhappy by her intrusion.

For those wondering just how wild this season is going to get with the possibilty of Hannah returning, Reality Steve has revealed it is all just hype and she does NOT join Peter’s season.

“B4 everyone freaks out when first promo airs tonight, Hannah WAS NOT a contestant on Peters season. She gets out of the limo to talk to him night 1 (didn’t join the party), & shows up on a date in ep 3 again to talk. Both were in LA. She just took a couple hrs off DWTS to do it,” he tweeted on November 25.

Fans of Reality Steve and of Bachelor spoilers in general will not be surprised by this news however because back in October Reality Steve detailed Hannah Brown’s visit to the Bachelor mansion.

In September, Reality Steve revealed that Peter had to cancel part of a group date because he was “sick” but as it turns out, it was actually because he was spending time with his former flame, Hannah Brown.

“We know that group date was going to be the women telling embarrassing sex stories. Hannah was there to be the host of it since, well, in case you didn’t know she had sex in a windmill 4 times with Peter,” Reality Steve shared. He added that producers are trying to weave Hannah “into as many storylines as possible.”

It seems that although Peter knew Hannah would be coming to be the host of the group date, things didn’t go exactly as planned when Peter’s feelings for Hannah got in the way. “Hannah showed up and had a talk with Peter, and Peter got emotional about it. Told the women he needed to sort through his feelings and sent them home for that portion of the date,” Reality Steve reported.

It was added that the whole thing was done for dramatic effect as well, because there was no chance Hannah was going to join the season or that Peter was going to quit to be with her.

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Bachelor Spoilers 2020: Reality Steve Reveals Peter’s Final 12


Bachelor Spoilers 2020: Reality Steve Reveals Peter’s Final 12

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