Ben Higgins And Fiancee Lauren Play Couples Game On Jimmy Kimmel

Published on March 15, 2016.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel

Last night Bachelor fans finally found out who Ben Higgins’ final pick was and to little surprise he chose Lauren Bushnell.

Now that the happily engaged couple can flaunt their relationship status, the couple appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live following the Bachelor finale and played a funny game of Fiancée My Name. The newly announced lovebirds jumped right into the game which tested their knowledge of each other, and it wasn’t all just for fun as Kimmel had 10 porcelain dinner wear sets as the prizes if they managed to get the answers right.

The two started off very confident as they were both able to answer each other’s middle names and the names of their siblings, but things went a little downhill when asked about their mothers’ maiden names. Bushnell took her best guess with “Smith” while Higgins decided to use charm to get out of it by saying “Beautiful.”

Hilariously the Bachelor winner had no problem talking about the habits she already finds annoying about Ben, revealing they are in fact living together. “So Ben is a very heavy breather, out of his mouth. A very heavy mouth breather,” she stated. “For example, the other night, I like to pray first before we go to bed,” Higgins interjected. “And I’m praying and she stops me, and she says, ‘Can you not pray so loud!”

While it sounds like they are just getting to know each other’s quirks, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the stability of their relaitonship. When Kimmel asked if they were worried that after the excitement, reality would kind of ruin everything and there would be no wedding, Bushnell exclaimed, “I’m not worried.” Meanwhile Ben explained, “I personally feel very disconnected watching the show because of how much life has moved on post-show with her. We actually woke up this morning, we’re super excited for today, and we kinda looked at each other and we’re like, ‘Have you ever been concerned about the future?’ and not once has that crossed our minds.”

The Bachelor: Behind-The-Scenes Facts


The Bachelor: Behind-The-Scenes Facts

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