‘Chelsea Lately’ Gets Star-Studded Send-Off

Published on August 28, 2014. Updated October 15, 2014
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It was epic. It was comedic. It was sometimes stupid. The entire seven year run of Chelsea Lately. In typical, Chelsea Handler fashion, she invited all her celebrity buddies to come by the set for one final farewell and many of them showed up.

A group of more celebrities than we’re going to list showed up to sing a parody of We Are The World, and send Chelsea off in style. Gwen Stefani kicked off the jam, and Chelsea promptly jumped into the mix, singing in the style of most karaoke singers — incredibly awful.

There were several soloists, including Fergie, Alanis Morrisette, Dave Grohl, LeAnn Rimes…and a bunch of other people. Seriously, the entire stage was covered by choral risers, and the risers were covered by celebrities. Yes, 50 Cent was there.

Ultimately, it was the most polite middle finger that has ever been raised. Based on the parody lyrics, Chelsea wanted everyone to know that she enjoyed doing the show, but not at the expense of her principles (whatever those may be, and however often they may change). It was time to leave E! She had a few jabs in the mix for her fellow E! line-up-mates, the Kardashians, as well as pop sensations like Justin Bieber.

Then, there was the Ellen shower scene, which put a button on everything. The Chelsea Lately shower scenes are oddly placed pieces of comedy, every time, and the exchange with Ellen took the cake. Ellen, of course, was dressed. Chelsea, as self-preferred, was in the buff. There were jokes. There was awkwardness. There was funny.

Congrats to Chelsea for a great seven year run! May we all aspire to her example of running away from the Kardashians.

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