Did Meghan Markle Just Break Royal Style Protocol With Her Latest Outfit?

Published on January 18, 2018.

Forget royal style rules! Meghan Markle has proved once again with her formal public appearances with Prince Harry that she is breaking ground when it comes to royal tradition and fashion expectations.

Queen Elizabeth is known for wearing bright, eccentric colors during her public appearances. We’ve seen her in everything from fuschia pink to pastel yellow and emerald green, and it seems that Kate Middleton has followed suit with her colorful tea dresses and tailored power suits. Both these women are the definition of “prim and proper” and never step out looking any less than perfectly groomed and well kept.

Meghan Markle, however, is totally breaking this standard with her public appearances! Many questioned her casual, messy bun at her last public appearance and it seems this soon-to-be royal has done it again with her latest look.

Even more shocking than her hair, however, is her choice of all black outerwear! Rather than opting for something bright and eye-catching like her predecessors, Markle donned an entirely black look from head to toe. The star rocked her signature tie-waist coat with a shiny black tie along with black trousers and booties.

We have to admit, we love this look on Meghan! All black has always been the go-to color palette of fashion¬†connoisseurs everywhere, and we love that Markle isn’t completely shedding all of her previous notions of fashion and style just because of her new royal status.

We can’t wait to see what Meghan has in store for us next! What do you think of her all-black look?

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