Farrah Abraham Rejects Plea Deal In Battery And Resisting Arrest Case

Published on August 14, 2018.


Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is maintaining her innocence in her most recent court appearance on Monday, August 13.

Abraham appeared in court in relation to her battery and resisting arrest charge from a June incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel and pleaded not guilty to her charges.

“I’m not guilty. I’m not accepting the offer because I’m not guilty. I’ve gone to a lot of counseling and therapy through the years, I’m very stable,” Farrah told E! News after court. “I’m not accepting the DA’s offer since I’m not guilty.”

She continued, “This is just another form to me of, again, no celeb face and there would be no case. I’m not guilty. l don’t need any criminal records. I’m not like the other Teen Moms… I don’t think it’s funny when people are harassed. I’m not a victim, I’m a victor.”

Abraham was offered a plea deal of three years probation,26 anger management classes and an order to stay away from the Beverly Hills Hotel, but rejected it to maintain her innocence in the incident in which she allegedly hit a hotel security guard.

“A male adult hotel security officer reported that he asked Abraham to leave the hotel after she refused to disengage from a verbal altercation with hotel guests,” a spokesperson for the Beverly Hills Hotel Police Department said.

“The security officer reported that Abraham struck him in the face with her forearm, grabbed his ear and pushed him in the face as he attempted to prevent her from re-entering the hotel. Officers noted that Abraham exhibited signs of intoxication during the investigation.”

After the court appearance, Farrah spoke to TMZ where she had an interesting take on the situation and seemed to think the charges had been dropped against her, but they haven’t.”I’m not guilty, battery dropped, case closed!” Farrah told TMZ. “I’m just happy they wanted to drop the battery. We just have to see it through, watch the videos and make sure someone is charged properly for incrimination of a celebrity!”

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