Former ‘Bachelor’ Star Nick Viall Moves Into Acting

Published on November 25, 2019.

Former Bachelor star Nick Viall is hoping to transition from being a reality TV star to a real actor.

The 39-year-old Bachelor alum is set to play as a reality TV star in The Coop, an eight-episode interactive series made in partnership with Funny or Die. The creator of the show, Nora Kirkpatrick, described the show to Us Weekly as “Big Brother meets Clue.”

“It was a lot of fun,” Viall told Us Weekly at the L.A. The Coop premiere on Tuesday, November 19. “I had a lot of fun and got to work with some incredible actors like [Veep’s] Tony Hale and [People of the Earth’s] Brian [Huskey]. It’s great. Just a really cool opportunity and I think it’s really smart comedy and just happy to be a part of it.”

This isn’t the star’s first acting appearance – Viall has previously appeared on Teachers and Speechless, and he also played himself on General Hospital.

He went on to tell Us Weekly that he received advice from celebrity friends, including Topher Grace and his wife, Ashley Hinshaw, about accepting projects that he’s enthusiastic about, but then admitted that he’s not expecting to be nominated for an acting award anytime soon.

“I assume people have very low expectations when it comes to my acting career so I feel like, nowhere to go but up!” he said.

Kirkpatrick then told Us Weekly that the Bachelor alum is selling himself short. “He was wonderful and very talented. A joy to work with,” the show’s creator said. “He was there on set 100 percent as an actor. He did a wonderful, wonderful job.”

The aspiring actor also commented that he’s waiting for the day when “people care more about my acting career or podcasts or other things I’m doing rather than who I’m not dating. That would be great.”

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About New Bachelor Nick Viall

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