Grammys 2017: James Corden Does A Star-Studded Carpool Karaoke

Published on February 13, 2017. Updated February 11, 2019
Source: Us Weekly

With Carpool Karaoke being one of the best late night skits out there, James Corden couldn’t help but take the chance to rope in some huge celebrities for a rendition of “Sweet Caroline” while at the Grammys.

Corden was joined by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Neil Diamond, John Legend and even Blue Ivy!

For the night’s feel-good moment, Corden explained that producers were worried that those watching the Grammys wouldn’t even know who he was because his show, The Late Late Show, comes on so late at night.

Since most are aware of his carpool karaoke segments, producers decided to have him wear a cardboard cutout of a car and luckily he found himself a seat right beside Lopez who was a prime candidate to start off the song which then turned epic rendition of Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” which had the whole audience on their feet.

Along with Lopez, Corden was joined by Jason Derulo, Neil Diamond, John Legend, Faith Hill, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw and Tyler Joseph. The best moment came, however, when 5-year-old Blue Ivy rushed over to the group of stars and cuddled up to Corden to watch herself on the big screen decked out in her pink suit which paid tribute to late pop star Prince.

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Things You Might Not Know About James Corden

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