Meghan Markle’s Baby Name Potentially Revealed By Flub On Royal Website

Published on April 30, 2019.

Source: Press Association

The world is in anticipation mode as we anxiously await the arrival of the Sussex royal baby!

It was previously predicted that Meghan’s due date was sometime in April, but with no baby arrival, many royal fans are speculating the birth will happen in early May. In terms of the gender or the name of the baby, Kensington Palace and the Sussexes have kept quiet on the matter, however, a flub on the Royal website may have just given away a major clue.

The official Royal website has personal landing pages for all major members of the royal family, including the children. For example, Prince George’s personal page has the URL and it is assumed Meghan and Harry’s child will have a similar page. If a completely random name such as Princess Victoria is tried in the search function (, a “page not found” error appears.

However, if you test the names Prince Arthur (, Prince James ( and Prince Alexander ( the pages immediately bounce back to the main page, which has led many to believe these URLs are on hold by Meghan and Harry as potential baby names. This would mean that the Sussexes are having a boy and have a liking for quite traditional names.

While this by no means confirms anything about the Royal baby, it’s definitely an interesting theory to ponder.

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