Michelle Money Says Daughter Brielle Is “Doing Well” After Brain Pressure Stabilizes

Published on April 7, 2020.

Michelle Money is feeling more relieved after her daughter Brielle’s brain pressure has started to stabilize.

In an Instagram post shared on Monday, April 6, Money said her 15-year-old daughter is “doing well” after her “numbers have been averaging around 16 with a few random spikes” since the weekend.

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“She seems to be heading in the right directions where we will not need to take other measures to keep this pressure down! Thank God!” the Bachelor alum wrote, adding, “We are waiting to see that number get down into the single digits and stay there for a solid day before taking her off these meds keeping her sedated.”

Money shared photos of Brielle before her hospitalization, and told fans that it seems Brielle is “doing things her way” and she is “honoring that process as best as I can.”

“We all miss her and wish we were goofing off together, but she needs to do what works for her and her body right now,” the mother continued. “I believe Brielle is healing not only her physical body, but her spirit as well. She has been through so much and experienced a lot of pain that I think she is sorting out right now.”

Money described her daughter as “an old soul,” going on to explain that Brielle’s “adolescence and teenage years has been difficult for her spirit.”

“I have watched her fight a hard battle with trying to navigate life as a teenager while feeling so deeply and and seeing things in an incredibly mature way. She is incredibly sensitive to energy. The balance has been difficult,” Money wrote. “I do believe strongly that she wants to live her life here on earth and I trust that she will make that happen when [it’s] right for her.”

As Brielle continues to receive treatment, Money said she’s been using this time to do “some soul searching and a lot of pondering and processing.”

“There is an amazing opportunity for us as a collective to take this much needed time to heal our own wounds. We owe it to ourselves but we also owe it to our children,” she told her fans. “A lot of things are going to be changing for me. More compassion and forgiveness for others but most importantly, for myself.”

She continued, “Mom guilt is so real and so painful. It causes us to make decisions based on fear. It is time to let that s— go. It is causing more pain and anxiety than it is helping. I see that clearly. Let’s pray for healing on all levels for all of us❤.”

Earlier that same day, the Bachelor Nation alum also shared what she considered as another “win” on her Instagram Story, telling her followers she recently learned that Brielle’s skateboarding accident played a part in helping to save another child’s life.

“The next huge win is this incredible story about this sweet little boy who got into a car accident on his scooter, and he was wearing a helmet because he saw Brielle’s story,” she said in a video, after sharing a screenshot of a text conversation from a parent about the incident.

“I broke down in tears,” Money said. “It is so crazy to think that Brielle and what she’s going through now saved another child’s life. I’m sure there are many people out there who are definitely putting helmets on their kids and encouraging their children to wear helmets. Who knows how many lives she maybe has already saved by experiencing what she has experienced?”

After seeing how her daughter’s brain pressure has started to stabilize, Money said she’s “feeling a lot more stable and confident and secure” in her Brielle’s recovery.

“I think it’s definitely because I feel very strongly that she’s not gonna [pass away],” she said of her daughter. “This whole week, every single day … has been torture. But I feel like with the progress we’re making, she is gonna come out of this.”

While Money admitted she wasn’t exactly sure how her daughter will fare once she’s out of the hospital, she is hopeful and ready to face the challenge or challenges.

“We don’t know exactly what issues are gonna come from that, but we will be 100 percent ready to take that on,” she said. “I’m starting to just like process things and start to feel like I am more present and not in my head.”

“I’m feeling a lot more secure, so that’s a very big win,” she added.

On Sunday, April 5, Money shared that if her daughter’s brain pressure doesn’t begin to stabilize, she and her ex Ryan Money would need to “consider a different option.”

“I just need everyone to pray right now,” Money said in a video update. “Today’s been a week and if we can’t get her numbers stabilized then we are going to have to put her into a deeper coma that has lots of other side effects that we don’t want, or we’re going to have to do surgery and remove part of her skull.”

Brielle was admitted into the intensive care unit under a medically induced coma on March 29, a day after the teen suffered a skateboarding accident.

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