Nick Viall And His Fiancee Play ‘The Newly Engaged Game’ On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Published on March 14, 2017.

Source: Us Weekly

After a long and dramatic season, Bachelor Nick Viall finally handed out his final rose on last night’s Bachelor finale.

As is tradition, the former Bachelor and his fiancee visited Jimmy Kimmel Live for a game of “The Newly Engaged Game” on Monday, March 13. Spoiler alert, the woman who got Viall’s final rose was none other than Vanessa Grimaldi, and obviously she also accepted his marriage proposal!

Although Grimaldi started the game by joking to Kimmel, “you probably know Nick better than I do,” the pair passed the test with flying colors. The couple who have now been engaged since before Thanksgiving, but have had to keep it a secret until the finale aired, started out with answering each other’s middle name. As it turns out Nick’s middle name is Joseph while Vanessa revealed she doesn’t have one, which Nick knew! They also aced each other’s astrological signs which was easy because their birthdays are actually two days apart. Next were their celebrity crushes, where Vanessa’s is Rick Fox and Nick said he didn’t have one, “only you.”

Last and certainly not least was the question where they first made love, and the pair revealed they did indeed “make love” in Finland.

In the interview Kimmel also grilled the two about living arrangements because Vanessa lives in Canada while Nick lives in Los Angeles, but Nick said, “We have to figure that stuff out. She’s going to be spending as much time with me as possible out in LA where I am currently living.”

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