Stephen Nichols Is Returning To Days Of Our Lives In November

Published on November 6, 2019.

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Stephen Nichols will be returning to Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) as Steve “Patch” Johnson starting on November 27, according to Soap Opera Digest.

Nichols has played the role since 1985. Patch was last seen in Salem in August 2018. He left after he was fitted with a bionic eye by wife Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) and got his sight back. Then he was arrested for spying when his new eye recorded some confidential documents.

When the news was announced this past May that Nichols would be reprising his role, fans and co-stars were thrilled.

“Looking forward to my big brother coming home!” tweeted Matthew Ashford, who plays Jack Deveraux.

“I’ll be looking for you, Billy Jack!” Nichols replied.

Nichols is no stranger to soaps and has appeared on several sudsers during his 40-year acting career. He played Tucker McCall on The Young and The Restless from 2010 to 2013 and Stefan Cassadine on General Hospital from 1997 to 2003.

He’s also made appearances on TV series like Santa Barbara, Melrose Place, Murder She Wrote, T.J. Hooker and Dallas. Nichols has also appeared in several films including Merchants of Venus, The Glass Cage and Cover Me.

Patch will be returning to Salem after the one-year time jump takes place on November 8. But how will Kayla feel about her husband Patch’s return? Will the two reunite yet again? Keep watching DOOL to find out!

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9. Lani’s Hard Decision

While she’s been trying to bargain with Gabi as much as possible, DOOL spoilers reveal that Lani’s hands will be tied at the beginning of the week, and she’ll make a hard decision. It seems as if she’ll stop her wedding to Eli, ending her relationship with him for Julie’s sake.

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8. Lani Strikes Back

While it seems as if the wedding does not go through as planned, expect a confrontation with Lani and Gabi later on in the week that is sure to get quite heated. The circumstances around it all are unknown; however, DOOL spoilers do indicate that Lani will hurt Gabi at some point in the coming days. After all, Hernandez has done to Lani, giving her an ultimatum leading up to her wedding day, seems like Gabi had this coming.

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7. Something Happens to Jennifer

On the other side of town, it seems as if Jenn will be close to finding out exactly what Dr. Rolf is up to. In fact, she’ll discover something quite interesting, but will be stopped before she can tell anyone. DOOL spoilers suggest that Princess Gina will go to great lengths to stop Jennifer, and the results won’t be pretty.

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6. Will Jenn Be Okay?

In fact, according to DOOL spoilers, Jennifer will land in the hospital, and it seems as if she’ll be fighting for her life. Haley and Kayla will do their all to save her, and they might just be successful in keeping her stable, but it seems as if her medical condition will be “touch and go.”

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5. Gina’s Not Happy

DOOL spoilers indicate that Princess Gina won’t stop at simply sending Jennifer to the hospital, she’ll pay her a hospital visit later on in the week to ensure that Horton doesn’t wake up. Whatever Jenn has found is obviously a big deal, or else Gina wouldn’t be going to the lengths that she is to end Horton’s life.

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4. Eve Plots

DOOL spoilers tease that Eve will be back to scheming this week, as she concocts another plot of revenge. It seems as if she’ll be taking Vivian’s advice around vengeance to heart, and she’ll be working overtime on a plan to get back at those who have done her wrong. What is she up to now?

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3. Ben Worries

DOOL spoilers indicate that Ben will start to feel that it’s either him or Jordan, and believe only one of them can survive the long haul. He’ll worry that if he doesn’t end Jordan, she’ll be the end of him, and he’ll also struggle with the idea of doing this in general, as he sees Jordan for who she really is.

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2. Happy Birthday, DOOL!

Friday November 8th promises to be a huge DOOL episode, one most fans won’t want to miss. Not only is the show celebrating 54 years on the air, but Days spoilers are promising a huge occurrence where each and every storyline will be affected in one way or another.

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1. Back To The Future

DOOL spoilers reveal that on November 8th the little town will go through a time jump, one year ahead. A very intriguing concept to say the least, and while some answers around how storylines turn out may be provided, there will definitely be a ton of questions for fans as they try and figure out why things have ended up the way they are, 12 months later.

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