Teen Mom OG Premiere Recap: Tyler Hits His Breaking Point

Published on October 2, 2018.

Teen Mom OG returned on Monday, October 1 with the second half of season seven and along with catching up with Maci, Amber and Catelynn, fans were introduced to the two new stars Cheyenne Floyd and Bristol Palin.

Although it may have been the first episode for season 7B, there was no shortage of drama as Maci and Taylor dealt with a serious incident concerning Ryan, Bristol and Dakota’s marriage is more tense than ever, Cheyenne and Cory handled coparenting, and Tyler hit his breaking point it seems.

For once, Amber is the only one not in the middle of drama as the premiere opened up with her and boyfriend Andrew Glennon welcoming their son James. With things being great between the couple, things were even great between Amber and Gary. Gary and his wife Kristina brought over a sweet gift for baby James while Leah was very excited to meet her new baby brother.

Although Maci and Taylor were handling everything as a team like always, it was her ex Ryan Edwards that was causing them trouble. In the episode Taylor revealed to Maci that after he tweeted about Ryan, Ryan called him and threatened to put “a bullet in my head.” “Apparently he didn’t like my tweet. So he called me in a fit of rage, screaming, losing his mind and tells me he’s gonna show up over here and put a bullet in my head,” Taylor told Maci. “Gonna come shoot up the house that not only our children live in, but his son. It’s pretty serious.” The pair then decided to call the police and ended up getting an order of protection for themselves and their two children for two years but excluded Bentley so that Ryan could still see his son.

Meanwhile, Tyler finally opened up about his own mental health after spending all of last season being his family’s rock as Catelynn spent time in therapy and suffered a miscarriage. Now, Tyler finally admitted it had taken a toll on him even though he wasn’t really showing it. “I feel totally sucked dry. It’s hard not to become bitter,” Tyler told his mom, revealing that he used to watch Catelynn lay on the couch in her bathrobe for days. When his mom asked if it was depressing to see, he said, “No it’s not depressing, it’s repulsing.” Later in therapy Tyler admitted he wasn’t sure if he and Catelynn were supposed to be together and said, “I just need change.”

MTV wasted no time in diving head first into the growing tension between Bristol Palin and her husband Dakota Meyer. While returning from their daughter’s soccer game, the pair got into a heated conversation as Dakota opened up about his anxiety, nightmares and PTSD while claiming that Bristol does not help him and only tries to tell him what he is doing wrong. After getting home the two told producers that their marriage has been difficult because of Dakota’s PTSD and Bristol said he was using his mental health as an excuse to belittle her. “I’m a punching bag for everything that he goes through internally,” she said. He got emotional during their argument and brought up that while at therapy, she said he gets up in the middle of the night and she lays in bed worrying he’s going to kill himself.

Finally, there is Cheyenne Floyd who shares daughter Ryder with her former The Challenge costar Cory Wharton. The premiere introduced the pair and revealed that Ryder was the result of one hookup and Cory didn’t find out he was Ryder’s father until she was six months old. With Cory being single and Cheyenne in a relationship with a man named Zach, coparenting is a challenge. Despite Cory saying he doesn’t want to be with Cheyenne, he believes she still has feelings for him and would breakup with Zach if Cory asked her to.

Teen Mom OG airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.


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