‘Teen Mom: OG’ Recap: Bookout And McKinney Try Marriage Counselling, Portwood Feels Mocked

Published on June 6, 2017.
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There was no shortage of relationship drama in the latest episode of Teen Mom: OG that aired on Monday June 5. The biggest shock to the Teen Mom fans was that Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney admitted they wished to attend marriage counselling to mend their relationship. Bookout claimed that the couple was struggling to keep a healthy marriage while balancing three kids and revealed that when the cameras aren’t recording, the couple will “drink and freak out.” She claimed she wanted to attend counselling with her husband who agreed it was a good idea to “fix [their relationship] before it gets too bad to fix.”

Amber Portwood also seemed to be struggling with relationships as she explained how she felt her ex, Gary Shirley, was trying to show off his happiness to mock her. Shirley requested that Leah be dropped off early to surprise his daughter with his new house which Amber thought was him rubbing his success in her face. “He’ll do things to spite me sometimes,” Amber explained and made her fiance drop Leah off at the house instead. Aside from ex drama, Portwood revealed her excitement to spend time with her daughter after she went away on a trip to Puerto Rico. She said that the mother daughter duo were going to spend the weekend staying up late and that she would spend time doing her daughter’s makeup to look like a “baby hooker.” Highly questionable choice of words, but Portwood’s intentions to spend time with her daughter was definitely nice to see.

Bookout’s son Bentley also struggled with bullies in this episode. Bentley claimed he was trying to avoid going to the bathroom at school because the other children “make fun of people who go No. 2.” Maci’s advice to her son? She told him to tell the bullies that, “I’d rather be pooping at school than be full of s*** like you!” and proceeded to advise her son to make sure he swears as he says it.

Meanwhile Farrah Abraham revealed that her ex boyfriend Simon Saran had a difficult time accepting her relationship with her most recent but late boyfriend Derek Underwood. Farrah also explained how she is embracing the single life and that her daughter Sophia “likes to be involved” in her dating decisions.

In a shocking revelation, Catelynn Lowell and her husband Tyler Baltierra admitted they had not seen their firstborn daughter whom they placed up for adoption in almost two years! The couple has been working on their children clothing line and hope to start a foundation to help teen moms that were in a similar situation as Catelynn.

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Teen Mom OG: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Amber Portwood And Gary Shirley’s Relationship

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