Teen Mom OG’s Debra Danielsen Marries David Merz

Published on November 7, 2017.
Source: Instagram

Fans of MTV’s hit reality series Teen Mom OG are well aware of the tumultuous relationship that star Farrah Abraham has with her mother Debra Danielsen, but things got worse when Farrah did not get along with her mother’s fiance Dr. David Merz.

After previously stating she would not be attending the nuptials, Abraham did show up for her mother’s big day, but not as maid of honor as Debra previously wanted. According to The Ashley, who attended the pair’s under-the-sea themed wedding, Abraham had a change of heart last minute when it came to attending the celebration and served as the “Honory Maid of Honor,” while her sister Ashley served as a bridesmaid.

Debra and David were married on Sunday, November 5  at the Aquarium at the Omaha Zoo, and despite Farrah’s presence at the big day, her daughter Sophia was not there. Farrah went on to tell The Ashley that part of her decision to attend had to do with her feud with MTV and was happy that they were not filming the wedding. “I think I decided to come when I stopped working with the production company who was sabotaging this whole wedding. I’m here on my own terms and I’m happy that they’re not here filming and its not about them,” Farrah explained.

Despite her previous fight with David, Farrah also added, “David and my mom have a relationship, and I’m supportive of their relationship and I’m happy they got married today.”

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