Teen Mom’s Tyler Baltierra Asks For Prayers For Catelynn In Scary Tweets

Published on March 16, 2016.

Source: Us Weekly

For years Tyler Baltierra and his now wife Catelynn Lowell have had their lives documented after appearing on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and then becoming stars of the hit spin-off series Teen Mom OG.

The two have been the longest-running and most stable couple on the show as well as two of the most well liked stars because of their maturity, yet, they have many worried about things we don’t see on-screen. On Tuesday, March 15, Baltierra sent out a string of alarming tweets indicating that Catelynn is not doing so well. It all started when he tweeted “Please pray for my wife,” which was followed by a tweet from Catelynn which read, “For everyone that thinks I’m so ‘strong’ I’m really not… one day you will know why. I can also be very weak.” Tyler then also wrote, “For better or for worse…through sickness & in health…I will NEVER stop fighting for my wife. Keep her in your prayers…thank you.” While the tweets were scary, the 24-year-old also posted from her account, “You guys have NO CLUE how much you life me up sometimes,” after many fans and followers offered their support.

The tweets did not detail why Catelynn is struggling, but the most recent season of Teen Mom OG revealed that for the brave face she puts on Catelynn has been battling both depression and anxiety for quite some time and also had fallen into postpartum depression following the birth of their daughter Novalee, after giving up their first daughter Carly for adoption when they were teenagers on 16 and Pregnant. On Teen Mom, she often discussed not wanting to deal with anxiety and depression for the rest of her life and on the reunion show in February added she has contemplated suicide, “I remember sitting in the bathtub and thinking, ‘I’m not waking up another day feeling like this.’”

Our thoughts are with Tyler and Catelynn during this difficult time.

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MTV’s Teen Mom: 11 Latest Scandals And Surprises From The Cast

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