Wally Kurth Confirms Judi Evans Will Return To Days Of Our Lives

Published on January 28, 2020.

Wally Kurth has confirmed on Twitter that Judi Evans will return to Days Of Our Lives (DOOL). The news broke after a fan posted on Twitter that there was something missing from the show this week, specifically Evans, who played Justin’s wife Adrienne Kiriakis.

“Rest assured @TheJudiEvans is coming back. 😎” Kurth, who plays Justin Kiriakis on DOOL, replied.

Last week, viewers saw Adrienne pass away in hospital after she was critically injured in a car accident on Mother’s Day. Fans had already begun to speculate that perhaps it was Adrienne’s doppelganger Bonnie, also played by Evans, who was driving the car and passed away and not Adrienne herself.

Regardless of whether she’ll return as Adrienne or Bonnie, DOOL fans are excited the actress is coming back.

“I think they may want Judi Evans to play Bonnie Lockhart for a while,” a viewer said in response to Kurth’s post. “Bonnie is fun and wacky. It’s a chance for Judi Evans to do something different for 2 or 3 years.”

One fan suggested the whole accident was just a dream and now Justin, Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) and Adrienne’s lives can go back to normal.

“I love Judi and Adrienne. It’s so good that Judi will be back,” another fan said. “I just wish it was as Adrienne. I’m continuing to keep my fingers crossed that some how, some way, Adrienne is alive and well. This is Salem after all.”

Producers have not yet confirmed this news and therefore no air date has been set yet for Evans’ return. Fame10 will keep you posted!

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