Who Did The Bachelor Pick: Ben Higgins’ Final Rose Revealed!

Published on March 14, 2016.

Source: ABC

After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, Bachelor fans finally know who Ben Higgins picked after tonight’s finale episode!

The final rose has been handed out and while it may not be surprising to many, some will still be shocked Ben was able to make the choice after telling both JoJo and Lauren he loves them. All season rumors have been swirling about who Ben ends up with and it seems they were mostly right including spoiler king Reality Steve as Ben has chosen Lauren Bushnell.

The connection between the two has been very apparent for most of the season and early on a photo leaked of Lauren wearing an engagement ring, seemingly proving she was the winner. Now, she can flaunt the ring proudly and the two can start making appearances together and gush about each other, the experience and we hope, wedding details! We know that the two are in fact still engaged, meaning they have already made it farther than many other Bachelor/Bachelorette couples, and Ben has already said that he and his fiancée are very happy. While we are all happy to know the final pick, we still have lots of questions including the living situation and how quickly they want to wed.

So what do you think Bachelor fans, did Ben make the right choice?

The Bachelor: Behind-The-Scenes Facts


The Bachelor: Behind-The-Scenes Facts

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