Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For Winter 2019

Published on January 30, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

Sure, it’s a tad chilly and snowy in Genoa City, but Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans should expect the drama to heat things up! It’s only natural for audiences to speculate on what shall unfold on their favorite soap opera, so as viewers wait for spring to arrive, below are 12 plot predictions for the Y&R for winter 2019.

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12. Phyllis and Nick Break Up

With Phyllis dropping so many truth bombs recently, including her role in J.T.’s disappearance, as well as Sharon’s involvement, Nick is having to digest a lot of information as of late. Having said that, these two are surely set for a break up this winter, and the major factor around it all will most likely be Phyllis’ need for revenge against his father, Victor.

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11. The Newmans Rally Together

According to Y&R spoilers, a mysterious threat is set to appear, as someone targets Victor Newman and his family. While there has been a ton of conflict between Victor and Nick, the entire Newman clan will rally together in the coming weeks. This family loves to fight, but they also stick together through thick and thin. Victor will undeniably lead the pack when it comes to protecting those he loves.

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10. Mysterious Threat

Who could be targeting Victor and the other Newmans? When the unknown person made his presence known in the Ranch, little Katie Abbott seemed very comfortable around her unseen friend, and promised to keep their identity a secret. This means the person could be someone familiar to the little girl and Y&R fans, from Adam Newman to Chelsea Lawson to potentially J.T.

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9. Billy & Vicky

They are on-again, off-again; however, with Katie being kidnapped, Billy and Victoria will undeniable drift apart. Especially with her disappearance occurred under the Newman Family watch. Billy will most likely fly off the handle and push Vicky away while they struggle to figure out where their daughter is. Billy cannot lose another child.

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8. Billy and Phyllis

Seems like a Philly reunion is inevitable at this point. He and Vicky have fizzled, while Red is holding onto Nick by a thin string. Phyllis has always had a soft spot in her heart for Billy and seeing these two come together, especially with him confiding in her as of late, seems like the direction things are headed to.

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7. Cane and Vicky

They only kissed a couple of times, but that doesn’t seem like it’s the end of the road for Cane and Vicky. Cane will undoubtedly work hard to regain the trust of both Lily and her family in the coming weeks; however, with her locked away prison and with limited time to spend together and clear the air, it’s only a matter of time before he falls back into Victoria’s arms.

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6. Summer and Fen Plot

Summer wants Kyle, Fen wants Lola; therefore, it only seems right that these two childhood BFFs will come together to stir the pot in Lola and Fen’s budding relationship. Add in the fact that Lola is a virgin, and things could get steamy on Summer’s part, as she has no issues crossing the line to get what she wants.

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5. Kyle and Lola Breakup

They are on shaky ground as it is. While the two make a great couple and have amazing chemistry, Lola seems very insecure in her relationship, and poor Kyle is just looking to get closer to her. With Fen and Summer on the task of breaking these two up, it won’t take long for them to accomplish this goal.

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4. Mia’s Up To No Good

Despite having Rey back, Mia is clearly not too pleased with Arturo’s engagement to Abby Newman. She’s jealous of their relationship, and no one needs a Y&R spoiler to predict that she’ll do everything in her power to jeopardize their wedding plans and happiness. Could she break up Abby and Arturo by the end of winter?

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3. Sharon and Rey

With Mia more preoccupied with Arturo than her own husband, it is easy to see that Rey and Sharon could get closer this winter. They work together after all and a spark is there. Rey and Sharon both know not to cross a line; however, engaging in an affair, or even some kissing by winter’s end could be in the plans.

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2. Sibling Conflict

Ana’s hiding a very big secret from big brother Devon, and this could get spilled before spring hits. If it does, Y&R fans should expect a huge conflict to arise between these two siblings. Devon will undoubtedly feel hurt by Ana’s actions and the fact that she hid things from him for so long.

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1. Jack and Kerry

Now that Kerry’s secret is out in the open, this relationship could very well fizzle fast. She’s freezing her eggs to someday be a mom, but Jack is well past that phase. These two are great for each other, but do they both have the same vision for the future? They’ll struggle in the next coming weeks for sure.

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