Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For August 2019

Published on July 31, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

Who doesn’t love to speculate about what will happen next on their favorite soap opera? The land of Genoa City has been a chaotic place as of late, with tons of drama unfolding left, right, and center. Below are some crazy and shocking Young and the Restless (Y&R) plot predictions for August 2019.

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12. Michael Becomes DA

Michael’s talk with Christine about wanting to become Genoa City’s next district attorney seemed to have really hit home, and Baldwin is a shoo-in to become D.A. if Blair steps down. Having said that, once he snags the role, will he use the power in that position for good or evil?

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11. Phyllis/Adam Rivalry Heats Up

Phyllis tried to make amends with Nick, Jack, and Billy by undoing some business dealings through Dark Horse this past week. In doing so, she’s created a real enemy of Adam. Fans should expect this rivalry to heat up this month, as both Adam and Phyllis continue to strike back at each other in the world of business.

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10. Chelsea Is Hiding Something

Chelsea is a good person, but things still seem fishy around her time away from Genoa City. Her marriage to Calvin resulted in gaining some inheritance this week, which took her by surprise, meaning that things don’t seem on the up and up. She could have swindled her way into marrying the older man, or he could have blackmailed her into the relationship. Either way, Chelsea is hiding something huge, and little pieces of this should reveal themselves in the month ahead.

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9. Connor Returns To GC

Chelsea’s mom Anita is set to return to Genoa City in early August, and son Connor should come in tow. How long can Chelsea stand to be apart from her only son? Anita will most likely come back to the little town and bring her grandson along for the ride. If Adam catches wind, he’ll only get that much more aggressive when it comes to gaining custody or visitation rights to his Connor … and Christian.

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8. Nick & Chelsea Officially Hook Up

These two have been overly friendly with each other, considering how Chelsea dumped Nick and left town; however, it is only a matter of time before they hook back up. As Lawson is staying with Nick, these two are eventually going to give in to temptation. While Chelsea has a soft spot for Adam, she truly loves the man Nick is.

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7. Sharon & Adam Hook Up

Shey is officially a thing of the past as of this week, and with Adam single and Sharon now single, these two former love birds are free and open to do as they please. Y&R August spoilers suggest that Sharon will try and resist doing something she really wants to do; however, she will most likely crack, and give in to Adam’s advances this month.

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6. Kola Wedding Shockers

The Koloa wedding could very well happen at the end of the month, but not without a ton of surprises. Celeste is sure to show up, and with actor Jason Canela recently spotted on the show’s set via social media, could Arturo be the one to bring his mom to Lola’s wedding?

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5. Could The Wedding Be Stopped?

Theo is breathing down Kyle’s neck as of late, and it is clear something major went down during the two’s partying days in NYC, where Theo helped Kyle cover something up. Could Theo spill the beans to Lola, or someone, before the Kola Wedding even happens? Could this be the end of Lola and Kyle as we know it?

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4. Billy Continues To Lose His Mind

What Billy is currently going through is very heartbreaking. Not only did he lose a child, but it seems as if Delia’s spirit is trying to send a message to him to stop Adam. Whether someone is behind all this, it’s Delia’s ghost, or Billy is simply losing his mind, he will most likely continue to spiral in the coming weeks.

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3. Victor’s Health Gets Worse

Before things get better for Victor, things will get a lot worse. He’s given Nate the okay to go deeper with this experimental treatment for his condition; however, the side effects will get even worse. Expect the Moustache to continue to do things out of his normal behavior, leaving family, friends, and Y&R fans concerned for his wellbeing.

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2. Christian Will Wind Up With Adam

While Victoria is the legal guardian of Christian right now, it won’t be long before the judge makes a bona fide ruling. On paper, Adam is not only the child’s bio dad, but really isn’t guilty of anything else. Vicky may also screw things up by allowing Nick to see Christian, and not Adam, showing favoritism, and risking Nick’s chances of gaining custody of Christian in the end.

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1. Adam Winds Up Dead

Adam has a wide range of enemies from Kevin, Chloe and Michael to Vicky, Nick, Chelsea, Phyllis and Billy. Seems as if the show is setting a murder mystery up, where Adam could very well wind up dead. Then again, someone could shoot Adam, where he winds up in coma. The land of Genoa City is too interesting when Adam is in it, and as the character has died two times already only to be brought back to life, writers may want to set up a murder mystery without an actual character death.

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