Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For Spring 2022

Published on March 24, 2022.

Spring has sprung in Genoa City, so what should fans of The Young and the Restless (Y&R) expect over the next few months? What will happen between Vic and Ashland now that Ms. Newman knows the truth about her dear husband? Will things run smoothly with Devon and Lily’s merger plans? What about Diane and her return? Viewers love speculating on storylines, so below are some Y&R plotline predictions for spring 2022.

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12. Things Are About To Get Ugly!

Actor Christian LeBlanc recently posted a photo of him and Robert Newman (Ashland) on Instagram. It appeared to be on the Y&R set, so it is very unlikely that Locke will flee Genoa City anytime soon. Victoria will probably take a day or two to cry about her broken heart, but she is her father’s daughter. It won’t take long for her to shake the dust off and think of a way to kick Locke out of her life.

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11. Locke Won’t Go Down Without A Fight

Many fans were hoping that the contract Vic had Ash sign recently was actually for a separation or another deal. However, it looks as if Vicky didn’t have a plan B and was genuinely duped by her husband. This means that Ashland holds a great deal of power within Newman-Locke. He’s here to stay and will stand his ground to fight for his fair share of Newman-Locke.

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10. What If…

Victoria’s always had a very hard time conceiving and carrying children. Both Reed and Katie were miracle babies, but when it comes to the land of Genoa City, lightning can strike multiple times if it suits a storyline. What if Vicky hashes things out with Ashland, and the two engage in bitter separation proceedings only for Ms. Newman to find out she’s expecting the Locke-Ness Monster’s baby?

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9. Ashland Would Be Over The Moon

As much as Ashland loves business dealings, he’d probably be over the moon if he found out Vic was expecting especially since losing Harrison. He loved fatherhood and likely wants another child more than he’ll ever admit. He and Vic may be able to strike up a deal where she keeps Newman-Locke. The separation will be sticky, but after much deliberation, they may be able to come to a compromise. But would all bets be off if he found out she was carrying his baby?

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8. Keeping It On The Down-Low

If Victoria found out she’s expecting, she and the rest of the Newmans may decide to keep the baby news a secret from Ashland, especially if at some point (in about a month or so), he agrees to leave Genoa City. If the scheme doesn’t work and he learns about the baby, Ashland may even try to convince Victoria to give their family another chance. #OverVictorsDeadBody

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7. Things Could Get Sticky With Lily And Devon

Lily and Devon are siblings who have always gotten along, for the most part. Their brother-sister relationship is at an all-time high, and while Neil would be proud they are merging their companies, could this be a recipe for disaster? Business partnerships don’t always work, even when they’re comprised of best friends or family members. Are Lily and Devon setting themselves up for a terrible endeavor that could bring turmoil to their family?

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6. How Did Diane Survive?

How Diane covered up that she was alive might be slightly brushed under the rug. Y&R writers won’t focus on the “how”, they’ll zero in on the “why”. After all, she left behind her son, a child she raised as a single mom! Kyle will have very mixed emotions about this. On the one hand, his mom is okay. On the other hand, he’s been lied to for all these years.

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5. Diane And Nick

One interesting dynamic that could re-ignite is a romance between Nick and Diane. The two had something going on before Jenkins “passed away” in 2011, back when the role was played by Maura West. Now that she’s alive and well, could the two pick up where they left off? Fans naturally assume she’ll zero in on Jack, and it’s still a good possibility, especially since she can’t stand Phyllis, who is still in the picture.

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4. Working Both Angles

Diane was never known as a good person, so there’s a possibility that she’ll explore both bachelors, which would really bother Phyllis. These ladies do not have the best history together, and since Nick and Jack are both Red’s greatest loves, Phyllis would certainly get very annoyed by the idea of Jenkins swooping in to spend time with either man. Just imagine all the attention Diane will get from both Nick and Jack!

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3. Living With The Abbotts

Over the next few months, it’ll be nice to see Allie connect with Jack and the rest of the Abbotts. Sure, the family is a tad dysfunctional, but they’ll likely open their arms and welcome Keemo’s daughter into the fold immediately. Will Kyle get a little jealous when the family “fawns” over Keemo’s daughter? Will he feel like he and Harrison are being ignored? Kyle can get self-centered at times!

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2. Watching A Bond Grow 

Still, the most beautiful part of having Allie come to Genoa City will be watching the bond grow between her and Jack. He will learn more about Keemo’s life after they stopped talking, and she’ll learn more about her grandad. It’ll be challenging for Allie at first, and there will be roadblocks, but Jack will eventually establish a nice relationship with his granddaughter throughout the spring.

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1. The Noah Newman Factor

There have been rumblings that Allie will be romantically linked to Noah Newman. In typical soap opera fashion, the two will probably clash at first, but there will be an instant attraction. Will Newman’s new gal pal, Cindy, also create an obstacle for any romance between Noah and Allie? Could Tessa show signs of jealousy? Only time will tell!

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