Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (April 26 – May 7, 2021)

Published on April 26, 2021. Updated April 27, 2021

Will Chelsea get outed? Will Faith be okay after she’s suffered a medical emergency? With all that is going on over the next couple of weeks, will Shey call it quits? Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans have so many questions, yet so few answers! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for April 26 to May 7, 2021.

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12. Chelsea Better Watch Her Back!

Rey is closing in on Chelsea and all her recent scheming. Y&R spoilers hint that he’ll set up a plan in the coming days. As the week progresses, he’ll interrogate Chloe, so something might surface during his “set up” on Lawson. Will Chloe spill all to Rey? Had she known what Chelsea was up to, she may not have agreed to help her friend out.

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11. Victor Targets Chelsea

Chloe could tell Rey what Lawson was up to. The last thing she wants is any trouble, and she has her two kids (plus her husband) to think about. Could Rey then approach the Moustache with what he’s learned? Y&R spoilers suggest that Victor will gain leverage on Lawson and then come after her. Chelsea has a lot of enemies in Genoa City right now.

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10. Chelsea Skips Town

Chelsea has been known to leave town when the heat’s been on her in the past. Things have never been hotter than right now. With actress Melissa Claire Egan currently expecting, there’s a good chance that Lawson’s exit is on the horizon. After all, she’ll get some time off for maternity leave. Could Chelsea leave town once she realizes the jig is up? Is this all a part of Egan’s exit storyline?

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9. Faith’s Condition

Faith will suffer a medical emergency this week, which will leave Nick and Sharon stressing once again about their youngest daughter. In fact, the entire Newman clan will be shaken from this. Y&R spoilers hint that something was left undiagnosed from her last hospital stint. Will this bring the Newman Family closer, or will it widen the gaps?

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8. Nick Steps Up

There’s a good chance that Faith will need some kind of transplant. She might need an organ that could lessen the health of the individual who’s donating. Y&R spoilers note that Nick will make a bold move to help save Faith. Sounds like he’ll throw caution to the wind, and accept any health complications he may suffer in the future, to save his daughter’s life. Nick is truly one of the best dads in Genoa City. He always puts his children first.

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7. Mariah Will Feel Guilty

Sharon may be scratched off the possible “donors” list because of her breast cancer. Mariah would be too, as she’s expecting Abby and Chance’s baby. Copeland has already felt the hardships of the first trimester, with morning sickness and smell sensitivity. She’s had to adjust her life accordingly. With that said, she may also feel guilty that she couldn’t “do” anything to save Faith because she’s a surrogate. This situation could have her once again second-guessing the decision to help Abby and Chance build a family.

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6. Adam Emerges

Adam sacrificed everything to save Faith’s life once — he may do it again. Before Nick comes to the conclusion that he can help his daughter, Adam may return out of hiding. As he’s Faith’s uncle, he may believe that he could be a donor for the transplant Faith needs. This would enhance Adam’s bond with Sharon, and piss Rey off to no end.

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5. Shey’s Shaky

Will Faith’s second hospital stint bring Shey closer together, or widen the gap? Rey loves Faith, but he’s not her bio dad. With all that is going on, could Faith’s condition be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Especially if Adam returns and decides to help Sharon cope with this recent turn of events? Rey might break up with Sharon completely, once Faith recovers. He might even do so beforehand.

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4. Nikki Covers For Victor

Nikki is set to “cover” for Victor this week. Sounds as if she’ll back up his story when it comes to Ashland Locke’s heart attack. The Moustache refused to get help for Locke until after he signed the contract, and this will rub Ashland the wrong way. (It would rub anyone the wrong way!) Locke is a force to be reckoned with. He’s called the Locke-Ness Monster, after all. But how will he stack up against the all-powerful Moustache? Only time will tell.

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3. Billy Gains The Upper Hand

Thanks to what Victor did, Ashland might be looking for revenge. Sure, Billy is an Abbott; however, he’s not linked to Jabot and is concentrated on ChanceComm. Could Ashland Locke agree to sell Cyaxares to Billy and Lily? Y&R spoilers do hint that Abbott will gain the upper hand this week.

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2. Jack Gives Sally Another Try

Sally Spectra is set to throw out all the stops to win Jack’s heart back this week. This means she could spice things up in the bedroom to seduce him into giving her one more chance. She’ll invite him to meet up, and he’ll accept. Jack will be powerless against Spectra’s powers and these two might have an incredibly romantic night to solidify their reunion. Phyllis won’t be overly happy when she learns what has happened.

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1. Abby Gets Bad News About Chance

Lastly, Y&R spoilers for the week of May 3rd imply that something will upset Abby. Nina will be there to support her, but what could this be about? Does she get some sad news? Could she be upset about Faith, or is this about Chance? Has his mission been extended, or has the unthinkable occurred? Could Chance have passed away? Perhaps he’s gone missing in action!

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