Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (June 14 – 25, 2021)

Published on June 15, 2021.

Is Ashland Locke sick? If so, what does he have? Will he live on to torture Kyle and Tara, or will he pass away? What will Sally be up to in L.A.? Will Nate and Elena reunite, or will Imani place a wedge in their plans? Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for June 14 to June 25, 2021.

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12. Ashland’s Unexpected Announcement

Ashland Locke is set to tell Victoria that he’s sick and only has a limited amount of time to live. What does he have? Could it be cancer or an unknown illness that most are unfamiliar with? It’s probably the latter! How will Victoria react to this? How will the rest of Genoa City react to the news?

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11. It’s “Their” Little Secret

Ashland may swear Victoria to secrecy about his condition. He’s looking to gain custody of Harrison, and his number one wish might be that the little boy is with him full-time until he goes. With that said, if he tells anyone he’s sick, a judge might immediately grant custody to Tara (and Kyle). While spending time with Locke in his final days is important for Ashland, it would be in the best interest of the little boy to not have to move back and forth between houses for only a short amount of time.

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10. Victoria’s Proposal

If Locke makes it seem as if he only has a limited amount of time on this earth, he may convince Vicky to marry him. Two are better than one when it comes to custody hearings, and having a wife by his side may help him gain leverage in his case. The news of Locke’s condition may have Victoria pitying her new friend and looking for ways to help him. The two will have a “charged” moment this week, and then Victoria will propose something the next week. Could she offer to be his wife, not only because she does have feelings for him, but to help him with Harrison, too?

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9. Locke Is Lying

Could Ashland be lying about dying? There’s a reason he’s called the Locke-Ness Monster! Ash could be doing this to gain Vicky’s sympathy, get her in bed, and marry her. He’s a strategist, so he may realize that not being Harrison’s bio dad, plus being single, would leave him vulnerable in his custody hearing. However, a wife by his side would help. He may have pulled this stunt before with Tara, which is why he’ll swear Vic to secrecy about his “illness”. Does Ashland have feelings for Victoria, or is he just using her?

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8. She’ll Be Warned

Mommy and Daddy Newman will offer Vic a warning about Ashland this week, and this could all foreshadow the horror that is set to come Victoria’s way. She won’t likely listen to her parents about their feelings on her new romance; however, it will be a looming cloud on the relationship. She’ll kick herself that she didn’t follow her dad’s advice in the distant future.

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7. Beat Ya To The Altar!

Still, if Vicky and Ashland do wed, this might open a door for Tara and Kyle to rush to the altar. They are Harrison’s bio parents. Plus, the two had an affair while Tara was with Locke, so if they got married, they could easily prove it is out of love, and not to “even” the score for the custody hearing.

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6. Summer Versus Tara

Of course, Kyle marrying Tara would complicate things with Summer, especially since the two ladies will have their fair share of conflict over the next couple of weeks. Tara and Summer will get into a spat this week, and it sounds like Kyle may step away from the drama and let the ladies sort things out. However, if he does step aside, Summer will feel hurt that he didn’t take her “side”. Plus, Summer will see Kyle “comforting” Tara in the days after, and lose her mind. She’ll also feel “threatened” during the week of June 21st. This might all be leading up to a fake marriage between Kyle and Tara that will have Summer reeling.

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5. Sally Approaches Eric Forrester

Sounds like more Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) crossover fun is on the horizon over the weeks ahead! Sally will head to L.A. in the coming days to meet with Eric Forrester. The plan is to convince him to hire Summer Newman, but with their history, can Spectra pull this off? She likely will. She’s charming when she wants to be; plus, the Forresters are high on Summer. They know her work ethic and would welcome this type of opportunity with her.

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4. Summer Is Approached

Summer will be approached by Eric either this week or next. She’ll ponder the pros and cons of taking the job but might ultimately reject it — for now, that is. She may reach out at the end of June or the beginning of July, if Kyle and Tara do get hitched. But initially, she’ll decline the offer, leaving Sally feeling defeated.

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3. Nate, Elena and Imani

Nate and Elena will start to feel some sparks over the next couple of weeks, but Hastings will pull back on crossing any lines. He’ll be more and more smitten with Imani, who’s bound to complicate any possible romantic reunion plans for Elena. He may even take Amanda’s half-sister out on a date, while he still has feelings for his ex.

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2. Victor Fills In Some Gaps

Speaking of Sinclair, Victor will help Amanda fill in some gaps about her family this week. Now that he knows all the information on her, and how she is linked to this case, he’ll offer up a helping hand. But what kind of information will surface about Amanda’s family? Why was Sutton so against Naya being placed on the stand? Could she be behind Richard’s murder? Perhaps she didn’t do anything on purpose. Maybe she hurt him in self-defense, or completely by accident, and had it covered up all these years.

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1. Shadam’s Deal

Sharon and Adam are set to come to an agreement this week. Could they decide it’s best to stay away from each other, for good? Things are finally going well between Sharon and Rey. If Adam and Sharon cross paths and realize there’s still chemistry between them, they may come up with a plan where they avoid each other completely, even if they accidentally stumble into each other.

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