Young And The Restless: Spoilers For April 2020

Published on March 31, 2020.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Time to say goodbye to March, and hello to April! What will unfold in the coming month? Phick makes a huge decision, while Amanda and Nate give romance a go, and Adam makes a bold move. Learn about these and other storylines in the Y&R spoilers for April 2020.

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12. Theo Makes A Visit

Y&R spoilers hint that Theo will visit his grandmother in early April, working hard to try and convince her of something. Is this all part of Theo’s plan to bring down Kyle and take over Jabot? It just might be, but how can Dina move things along for Kyle? Could he work overtime to try and get her to change her will?

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11. Nick and Phyllis

According to Y&R spoilers, Nick and Phyllis will come to a decision around their relationship. There have been plenty of hanky-panky going on between the two; however, it seems like in early April they’ll give it another try. Additional teasers for the show relay that their reconciliation will be judged by family and friends, shortly after they let everyone know what is going on.

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10. Amanda’s World

Y&R spoilers suggest that Amanda will take a chance on something (or someone) come early April. Could this be around lingering feelings for Nate, or will she jump into a new job or career opportunity in Genoa City? Could be either at this point in time, but teasers do reveal that Nate and Amanda will try to spice things up in April.

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9. Nate Romances

Speaking of, Y&R spoilers for mid-April do reveal that Nate will try and romance Amanda, but will the effort have the effect he wants? Spring spoilers for the show do indicate that while she will try to give Nate a chance, her mind will still wonder to Billy and their undeniable chemistry.

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8. Lily Turns To Traci

Y&R spoilers hint that Lily will turn to Traci this month for some advice. Is it around how to handle and work with Billy? So far, the Lily and Abbott seem like a great business pair; however, once they fully dive into launching Chancellor Media, these two could fall into some conflicts together. They both have totally different working styles.

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7. Kyle’s Painful Decision

Y&R spoilers indicate that Kyle will have to make a hard decision in early April. Will it be around pressuring Lola to move their divorce forward? Or, could it be a decision around reuniting with his estranged wife? They weren’t really married for that very long, maybe some old feelings will emerge?

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6. Adam Thinks He Has The Upper Hand

Y&R spoilers relay that Adam will ask to meet with Victor this month. He’ll be all smug about the research Alyssa has conducted, linking her father’s passing to the Moustache. Interestingly enough, Adam will even think he has the upper hand on his father. It’s clear: he doesn’t know Victor as well as he thinks he does.

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5. Blackmail Time

In fact, as per Y&R spoilers, Adam will be so high on his horse, he will try and blackmail Victor based on the information he has collected. Seems like Victor will be able to somehow turn the tables on him, as spring teasers from the show reveal that all this scheming will backfire on Adam, leaving Chelsea to pick up the pieces.

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4. Victor Takes Action

Y&R spoilers hint that Victor will take matters into his own hands. This will probably unravel after Adam decides to blackmail him. The truth might be much scarier for Adam than what information he’s gathered to date. Whether Victor covers up the truth or brings it to light, Adam just may regret this latest scheme against his father.

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3. Tensions Rise

Y&R spoilers state that tensions will rise between Adam and Nick in April. If Nick catches wind that Adam tried to blackmail his dad, he won’t be too pleased with his brother. This could also be the same-old/same-old sibling rivalry between the two, who constantly fight for the daddy’s approval.

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2. Sharon Fights To Keep Her Independence

Y&R spoilers hint that Sharon will be told that recent test results are available, and decide to go to the appointment on her own. Mariah and Rey will want to come with her, but Sharon will insist on going to meet with her doctor without them. Is it that she doesn’t want to rely on her family for support, or is she afraid that they’ll be affected by negative results?

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1. Test Results

Sharon may have a feeling that these test results won’t offer positive news. While she wants to remain independent, she also doesn’t want her family or Rey to suffer from any negative impacts around her cancer. Thus, she may think that it is best to see what the doctor says about progress on her own.

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