Young And The Restless: Spoilers For Fall 2019

Published on September 16, 2019.

Now that summer is over in Genoa City, it’s time to look forward to what fall will bring! What’s on the horizon for Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans? A potential character return, a fresh start for one person, and a secret that is about to be revealed! Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for fall 2019.

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12. Lauren Gets Unsettling News             

… And it’s from Michael! Y&R spoilers tease that Michael will be dropping a bombshell on Lauren in the next couple weeks, and it’ll be quite unsettling for her to hear about. Could this be around Adam’s dealings or potentially their son Fenmore? His name has popped up a couple of times as of late.

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11. Character Return?

Speaking of, Adam did dangle Fen’s re-emerged issue around drugs over Michael’s head this past month, so it wouldn’t be so shocking if actor Zach Tinker reprised his Fenmore Baldwin role on the show. The character was last seen in February of this year, and with all that is going on, Fen could truly enhance this storyline.

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10. Further Speculation

In fact, actor Christian LeBlanc (Michael) recently posted a picture of him and Tinker on his Instagram handle, which has had social media soap fans buzzing. The two could just be hanging out … or they could be on set together. Will Fen return? If Fen does make a comeback, it could very well unroll in the fall.

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9. Sharon’s New Chapter

Y&R spoilers tease a fresh start of sorts for Sharon in the coming weeks. Does this mean there’s a new job on the horizon for her? Or, potentially she’s made a pack for herself to simply stay away from Adam (and Rey) and remain single for a while. Either way, it should make for an interesting storyline.

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8. Nikki’s Secret

Y&R spoilers reveal that Nikki will have a secret in the coming weeks that she will expose. With Victor’s recent death, it wouldn’t be hard for any longtime fan to speculate that perhaps the Moustache isn’t dead after all, and Nikki’s kept it under wraps for a very good reason. After all, this isn’t the first time Newman has been dead (or planned his death) only to come back to life.

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7. On The Hunt

Maybe it’s hard for fans to believe that Victor is dead because, well, he’s the great Victor Newman! But knowing how he works, faking his own death because he was on to the switched-medicine plan, does sound like his style. Perhaps Victor figured out that setting up his demise would “out” the culprit in the end, and he kept Nikki and Nate in the loop about it. If this is the case, it is sure to unfold in the next couple of months.

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6. Billy’s Struggle

Y&R spoilers indicate that Billy Abbott will continue to struggle with this mental health in the coming weeks and month. In fact, teasers hint that the entire situation will place a huge strain on his relationship with Vicky. The silver lining is that help is on the way.

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5. Thanks Mom?!

Y&R spoilers suggest that mom Jill will be very worried about her son. So much so that she will work hard to be there for the couple, and see if she can help Billy and Vicky out. The only issue with all this is that teasers reveal that Jill will intervene in the couple’s relationship in an effort to help Billy out. Hope she doesn’t overstep and ruin things.

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4. Nick Versus Adam

Seems as if Adam and Nick will still be at each other’s throats in the coming months, as Y&R spoilers indicate that Nick will do something against Adam that will have eyebrows raised. It’s no secret that Nick believes Adam is the reason behind Victor’s demise, and he will most likely continue to lash out on his brother due to his anger around the Moustache’s death.

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3. Chelsea In The Middle

While Chelsea has chosen Nick to pursue a relationship with (for the moment), Y&R fans can see that Lawson still has a soft spot for the messed-up Newman brother. Spoilers hint that whatever Nick does to Adam this fall will end up causing some problems within his relationship with Chelsea. After all, Adam is the father of her son at the end of the day.

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2. Traci’s New Project

In other less dramatic spoilers, Traci will jump aboard a new project this new season and teasers promise a life-altering change for her, thanks to the venture. Could she step away from writing, and decide to change her career path slightly? Only time will tell, but here’s hoping this new project will keep her busy and content! She deserves to be happy.

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1. Devon’s Inheritance Woes

Fans should expect more craziness when it comes to Devon and his inheritance, as it seems the person who contested his will is not going away anytime soon. Devon will receive a delivery of shorts soon, and there is a good chance that it could be legal papers around a lawsuit. Could Chance Chancellor be behind this, along with Adam Newman?

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