Young And The Restless: Spoilers For January 2022

Published on January 5, 2022.

The festive fun may be over in the land of The Young and the Restless (Y&R), but a new year with new drama is on the horizon! What’s set to unfold in Genoa City over the next month? Adam will *try* to place some boundaries, while Nick dives into work. Plus, Amanda will help Devon with his legal issues. Learn about these storylines and others in the below Y&R spoilers for January 2022.

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12. Adam Tries To Set Boundaries

Y&R spoilers for January indicate that Adam will try to set boundaries for both Chelsea and Sally this month. Sounds like he may fail miserably, as the rivalry between these two ladies will heat up and spill over into Newman Media. Added teasers imply that poor Chloe will have to play “referee” when it comes to her two colleagues.

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11. Nick Focuses On Work

Y&R spoilers for the next month hint that Phyllis and Nick will feel as if they have hit a “crossroads”, and enter 2022 going their own separate ways. In added teasers, Nick will focus on work, while Red will analyze her relationship with Jack and what the future could hold between them.

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10. Newman Family Drama

Over at the ranch, Y&R spoilers for January reveal that Nikki will worry about Victoria and Nick. Added teasers imply that momma bear Newman will see changes in their once-close relationship and express some concern. Can Vicky and Nick ever get back to what they used to be? Here’s hoping they can!

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9. The Moustache Tries To Protect His Legacy

Speaking of the Newman fam jam, Y&R spoilers for this month reveal that the Moustache will reconnect with someone for the past. Added teasers state the reason behind this will be to protect his legacy at Newman Enterprises, and he’ll also work to collect information on his enemies. Watch out, Billy-boy — this might have to do with you!

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8. Billy’s Plan Backfires

No surprise here! Y&R spoilers for January also state that Billy’s current plan of revenge may backfire on him. Added teasers note that there will be an unexpected turn, so fans should expect a major plot twist in this storyline sometime this month. Will Victor be onto Abbott’s antics? Quite possibly!

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7. Lily Tries To Balance It All

As Billy’s revenge scheme crumbles, Y&R spoilers for this month indicate that Lily will do her best to balance everything that is going on in her life. She won’t only work hard to offer stellar results as the CEO of Chancellor Industries, but she’ll continue to help her boyfriend with all the revenge plots he has going on. Quite a task to take on for Ms. Winters!

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6. Devon’s World

Across town, Y&R spoilers for this month note that Amanda will use her legal know-how to help Devon with his current issues. Sounds like Sinclair will step in to ensure that her boyfriend gets the time he deserves with his biological son. In added teasers for the couple, the two will become stronger and closer than ever in January.

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5. Parental Planning Begins!

Y&R spoilers suggest that Mariah will continue to wonder where she “fits” into baby Dominic’s life. On a high note, added teasers state that she and Tessa will start their journey towards parenthood this month. Seems like they’ll begin to dive into the adoption process. Will they hit any obstacles along the way?

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4. Sharon And Rey To The Rescue!

Meanwhile, Mariah’s half-brother Noah won’t be doing so well. Y&R spoilers for January note that moving forward from the past won’t be easy. The bad news is that he’ll struggle this month; however, the good news is, added teasers imply that both Rey and Sharon will be there to support and help him during all of this.

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3. Lauren’s In Crisis Mode

Some sad Y&R spoilers for January, as everyone’s favorite Genoa City super couple will struggle. Added teasers note that Lauren will reach out to family and friends for help, as her husband Michael copes with a career crisis. Will he get fired from his job, or simply realize he’s losing interest?

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2. New Year, More Secrets

File this Y&R spoiler under “things most fans expected in 2022”! According to January teasers, Ashland Locke will have even more secrets exposed this month that he didn’t reveal to Victoria before their wedding! How will Vic react, and will these two make it to their one-year anniversary? Could Locke’s “new” secrets revolve around faking his health issues all along?

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1. A Relationship Is “Tested”

Things seem to be going well for Nate and Elena at the moment; however, Y&R spoilers for January suggest that their romance will be “tested” this month. Added teasers hint that their work relationship could possibly create a wedge in their “happily ever after”. Can they get past this and move forward?

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