Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (November 29 – December 10, 2021)

Published on November 29, 2021.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! What’s on tap in the land of Genoa City over the next two weeks? Chance will be found, but will he come back home with Abby? Plus, expect more drama between Chance Comm and Newman Media. Learn about these storylines and others in the below Y&R spoilers for November 29th to December 10th, 2021.

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12. The Search For Abby

Early on in the week, Y&R spoilers reveal that Victor will do everything he can to find Abby and bring her home. Added teasers suggest that both Jack and Ashley will also be searching for her; however, they’ll reach a dead-end. With that said, the good news is that Abby will end up finding Chance, mid-week.

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11. Chance and Abby Reunite

Y&R spoilers reveal that Chance will return to the canvas on Tuesday, November 30th, as actor Conner Floyd enters the role. The weekly preview video centers around the “Chabby” reunion. Mr. Chancellor will believe that he needs to stay put and complete his mission, while Abby will beg him to come home.

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10. Emotional Moments

Who will win this power struggle? Likely Abby, with a “secret” baby weapon. The Y&R preview video also shows Abby telling Chance that he has a son. As she opens up about Dominic, it looks as if this reunion could be an emotional scene, so fans may want to have a tissue box close at hand.

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9. Some Surprising News

Y&R spoilers state that Nikki and Victor will be given some unexpected news, and it sounds like they’ll hear about Chance. Ashley will also “call home” and provide some news to Devon, which may mean that she’ll also be in the loop about Chance around mid-week. How will Hamilton feel?

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8. Devon and Chance 

Meanwhile, Y&R spoilers for the week of December 6th indicate that Devon and Chance will look to clear the air. Is this the start of a budding bromance, or could things turn ugly as the following weeks unravel? It might be hard for both men to hide their bitterness for each other as the holidays hit.

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7. Here’s To New Beginnings!

Speaking of, Y&R spoilers for the week of November 29th suggest that Amanda will have a lot to be happy about. She’ll come together with her sister Imani, as they celebrate their new law firm venture. As the days go by, Sinclair and Devon will “toast” to their new beginning.

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6. Jill’s Not Happy

Y&R spoilers imply that Jill Abbott will take Genoa City by storm during the week of November 29th. Sounds like she and Billy will get into a heated discussion, and as the days go by, she’ll have an intriguing offer for Lily. By the sounds of it, this proposition/promotion won’t include boyfriend Billy. What will Winters decide to do?

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5. Victor Takes The Gloves Off

Y&R spoilers indicate that the Moustache will decide to “take the gloves off” where Billy is concerned. What will he do now? As the days progress, Adam will continue to try and push Abbott’s buttons. Billy’s world is crashing around him; will he allow Victor’s son to get the better of him?

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4. Victor Puts On The Pressure

Y&R spoilers for this coming week also state that the Moustache will place some pressure on his adversaries. Will this mean his target is Ashland and Victoria, or Billy, Lily and Jill? In other news, Momma Abbott will start a bidding war. Lastly, added teasers for the week of December 6th imply that Victor and Jill will come together.

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3. Lily Jumps Right In!

As the week progresses, Y&R spoilers hint that Lily will likely take Jill up on her offer. Sounds like she’ll accept her new role and jump right in. But could this change things between her and Billy, affecting their romance? Billy has quite the ego, but he loves Lily, so it’s hard to tell.

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2. Mariah Prods

So, Noah’s had discussions with Faith and Sharon about his past romance… can Mariah get her brother to open up? She’ll try her hardest, as Y&R spoilers for the week of November 29th imply that Copeland will have a few questions for her half-brother. Will he be able to answer her queries, or dart the subject?

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out Y&R spoilers for the week of December 6th, Sally will get an assignment of sorts, and acknowledge her part. Meanwhile, Phyllis and Jack will come together and decide it’s time for a “fresh” start! Could this mean a “Phack” reunion for the holidays? Many fans feel as if it’s coming!

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