Y&R Weekly Poll: Should Summer And Billy Hookup?

Published on August 13, 2018.

So much has been happening on The Young and the Restless (Y&R), from new relationships to one-night stands to mother-daughter feeds, and next week’s episodes promise to be just as dramatic! With so many crazy storylines being featured on the show and with more to come, vote to let us know what do you think about what’s happening on the show and what will be happening this coming week:

Here are our Top 5 Polls Of The Week:

5. Should Victor and Nikki Hook Up Again?

This week on Y&R, spoilers indicate that Victor is going to be romancing Nikki again. These two have a long history of making up and breaking up. Do you think they should hook up or just be done with each other?

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4. Should Abby and Arturo Breakup?

Abby and Arturo’s relationship seems to be moving along at a swift pace even after she found out that he hooked up with her stepmom, Nikki. Are you tired of Abby and Arturo’s relationship? Do you think they should break up?

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3. Will Sharon Find Out About Nick and Phyllis’ Hookup This Week?

Spoilers are indicating that Nick is going to become suspicious when he learns that Sharon asked Phyllis to be one of her bridesmaids. Do you think Sharon is finally going to find out this week about Phyllis and Nick’s one night stand?

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2. Phyllis and Summer’s Drama – Whose Side Are You On?

Summer has been pushing Phyllis’ buttons lately and has been going after her man, Billy. This week, Summer was relentless in her pursuit of her mother’s boyfriend and the two shared a kiss. Whose side are you on – Phyllis or Summer’s?

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1. Summer and Billy – Should They Just Hook Up?

Summer has been working extra hard as she tries to seduce her mom Phyllis’ boyfriend Billy. How do you feel about this potential hook-up? Do you think they should just go for it or does this storyline need to end immediately?

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