Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For Spring 2019

Published on April 8, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

While the winter provided some shocking moments for those in Salem, there is nothing like the renewed feeling that spring brings to really elevate the drama! Will Jack and Jennifer finally come together? Will poor Haley be able to sort out her immigration issues? Can Will figure out what is wrong with him? Below are some crazy Days of Our Lives (DOOL) plot predictions for spring 2019.

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12. Will Haley Get Deported?

With her wedding on the horizon, these seems very unlikely; however, Claire has plenty of schemes up her sleeve. What if Claire faked a pregnancy? Or tried to drug and seduce Tripp to get him back, ending up pregnant? Her Aunt Sami did it with success, maybe Claire can too. This would place a major wrench in Haley and Tripp’s plans.

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11. Cin Gets Back Together

DOOL seems to be placing these two exes in each other’s orbits, with Ben saving Ciara’s life (again) after shots were fired recently at the DiMera mansion, plus Ciara taking care of him a lot as of late. Days spoilers indicate some tender moments between these two are on the horizon, and by the end of spring, “Cin” will probably be a thing again.

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10. Stefan’s World

Things are getting very interesting where Stefan DiMera is concerned. He’s got this thing going on with Chloe, and a hate-on for Gabi, not to mention Brady breathing down his neck. Seems like this storyline could go a number of ways, with the obvious one being that Stefan and Chloe hook up, while Gabi and Brady dive into a relationship; however, what things could be switched up entirely differently.

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9. Gabi & Stefan?

With Gabi and Stefan’s kiss, everything gets thrown out of whack! Soap opera fans have seen two people that can’t stand each other hook up in the past. There’s a ton of chemistry between Chloe and Stefan, and if you dig past all the revenge and negativity that’s coming from Gabi, she too has a spark with Stefan. So, which will the DiMera choose in the long run? He may bounce back and forth between these two ladies this spring.

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8. Eric, Rex, and Sarah

Eric recently made a vow to God to stay away from Sarah if Marlena survived her accident, and it seems as if his mom is going to be okay. This will undeniably further complicate things as Sarah has clearly fallen for Eric. This love triangle will continue this spring, with Eric struggling to stay away from Sarah, and Rex still lingering in the picture.

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7. Nicole Walker Returns

Set your PVR Days fans! Nicole Walker will be making a splashing return on Thursday, April 25. What will she be doing back in Salem? Seems unclear, but she will probably help to complicate things in Eric’s life. He’ll be trying his best to stay away from Sarah, and maybe with Nicole back in the picture, he’ll be able to do so with ease.

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6. Brady vs. Eric

These two brothers continue to be on the worst of terms, so perhaps Nicole can help bridge a truce between them. Highly unlikely, as it seems they will probably spend the spring much like they spent most of the winter: arguing and fighting. Nicole’s comeback may only enhance the hatred and resentment between them.

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5. Jack and Jennifer

Most DOOL fans want nothing more than a reunion between super couple J&J, but as we all know, the writers just love to prolong the inevitable. While Days viewers know they below together, these two will likely continue to be at odds, with maybe a glimmer of hope sprinkled in here and there. They will probably start to get a little closer nearing the end of spring.

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4. Baby David’s Father

This sweet little guy is already causing a lot of drama in Salem. Not only is Lani head over heels in love, but DOOL spoilers suggest that Rafe will soon want to take care of the boy. But the real question is, who is his dad? Could it be Ted? Maybe genetically-engineered by a DiMera? Anything is possible.

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3. Rope Breaks Up, Moves On

Hope and Rafe are on thin ice, and with Ted waiting in the wings, there’s a good chance that Rafe turns to Jordan. Jordan doesn’t seem that close to being reformed; however, she is still very much in the DOOL picture as the storyline around Baby David picks up. Could she return and dive into a romance with Rafe? He cares very much for her and her child.

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2. Lani Loses It

With Lani more than obsessed about Baby David, could she do something drastic if there is a threat the child could leave Salem? Eli is concerned, and her dad Abe will be soon too. Is there a possibility that Lani could kidnap David and leave Salem? Arrows seem to be pointing in that direction.

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1. Saying Goodbye

DOOL spoilers indicate that a memorial episode honoring both actress Peggy McCay and the incredible character she played, Caroline Brady, is on the horizon for spring. Expect Carrie Reed (played by actress Christie Clark), Shawn-Douglas Brady (actor Brandon Beemer), and Sami Brady DiMera (actress Alison Sweeney) to return to Salem, although others could be added to this list as well. The show will undoubtedly be filled with past video clips of Caroline, as well as a beautiful tribute to the actress that recently passed away. Fans should have a box of tissues close by for the show.

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