Days of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For October 2020

Published on September 30, 2020.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Wonder what will happen in the Salem come October? How will Hope say “goodbye?” What really happened in London between Tripp and Allie? What will bring Rafe and Gabi back to the little town? Fans just love to speculate about storylines! As such, below are some DOOL plotline predictions for October 2020.

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13. Hope Says Goodbye

Hope’s last air date has been released, and it is October 14th. Many Days fans are speculating on what her exit storyline may be. Certainly, there will be some sort of final “hoorah” episode for Hope filled with past clips and scenes with Bo; after all, she’s an iconic character. But once she finds out that Ciara is gone, she may decide to accept a job with the ISA. With both Hope, Ciara, and Zack all passing on, she has nothing but memories in Salem, and she may want to start a new chapter.

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12. Ava Has Amnesia

As Hope is leaving town, Ava could be making a comeback. DOOL spoilers hint that Vitali won’t be as “evil” as she once was, so could she have suffered from some memory loss during her time away? Maybe she has amnesia? She’s certainly returning for her son; however, perhaps she also has a secret she needs to tell him. Something that will rock everyone’s world! Maybe Tripp has a twin?

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11. Allie and Tripp

For the majority of the next month, it’ll all be about Tripp and Allie’s mixed-up stories. It’s clear that Allie was assaulted, and from her memory, it seems as if Tripp did it. But this doesn’t sound like something Tripp would do. The story will cause many connections in Salem to break. He may be asked to take a paternity test, and it’ll come out that he is the child’s father because Tripp has a twin and they have similar (almost the same) DNA.

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10. J.J. Tries To Help Melinda

Across town, Melinda is desperately trying to nail Kristen DiMera and is doing all she can to lure in Eli as an ally. Still, there another Salem PD officer that would gladly help her out, and his name is J.J. Deveraux! J.J. is set to return to the little town and soon, so perhaps he’ll pop in just as Melinda could use a hand.

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9. Kristen Is Placed In Jail

Kristen will be found guilty and sent to prison sometime this month. She’ll be devastated; however, Brady will work on an appeal. With the money he’s got, he can get her off if he tries to find a new judge to review the case. Maybe some added evidence could surface that could help. Still, Kristen will believe that she must take the fate of her and Rachel in her own hands and escape.

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8. Kristen Tries To Escape … With Help

The Days fall preview video shows Kristen with Orpheus’ son Christian Maddox (played by actor Brock Kelly) in what seems like a scene where they are “on the run.” There’s a good chance these two meet up during work duty or something of the sort and concoct a plan to escape prison. They’ll even succeed … to a point. Christian will be found without Kristen.

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7. DiMera Leaves Salem

Kristen will leave town without Rachel. After all, she’ll be safer with Brady at this point, and DiMera won’t even have the time to stop and grab her daughter. She’ll keep running until she’s safely out of the country. But this isn’t the last that fans will hear of DiMera. She’s just biding her time until everything cools down and she can reunite with her family. Maybe come the new year.

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6. Jenn Recast Introduced

It’ll be weird to see actress Cady McClain play Jennifer Horton, but McClain is an incredible talent and she’s sure to rock the part. It’s important to note, the recast is a temporary one. With a mini storyline on the horizon in October set to “place things on track,” the Jennifer switch may take place during all this. It’ll certainly ease fans into things.

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5. Rafe and Gabi Return

Rafe and Gabi’s return will be major, but there won’t be that much to it in terms of storyline. Rafe and Gabi most likely worked together to get rid of their dad’s threat, and they’ll be back in Salem to get their lives back on track. Rafe will hear that Hope left town and be disappointed, and Gabi will try to weasel her way back into the DiMera mansion.

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4. Gabi Pushes Jake Away

Jake will be quite excited to see Gabi back in Salem, but Gabi will push him away. While she and Rafe are safe now, the two will decide to keep their father’s indiscretions under wraps. She’ll have time to think about what happened and realize that it was messed up to get involved with Stefan’s twin. She’ll push Jake away, causing this relationship to start from scratch again.

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3. Abigail Is Drugged Again

Meanwhile, with Gabi back in the mansion, Gwen will realize this is the perfect time to drug Abigail again. It’ll kill two birds with one stone: mess Abby up again mentally to keep her away from Chad, and pin the entire thing on Hernandez. It’ll look like Gabi is behind it all since Abigail has been “fine” since she returned to Salem.

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2. Cracks Pop Up Between Sarah and Xander

Sarah and Xander are sure to experience some major bumps along the road in October. It’ll be proven that Xandy was behind Philip’s arrest, and when he gets fired from Titan, Sarah will realize that “enough is enough” with Xander and his schemes. The reunion “honeymoon” phase will be over between these two.

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1. Halloween Havoc

DOOL spoilers are teasing a spooky Halloween, so could a major storyline be on the horizon? There is nothing Days loves more than a serial killer story, so could Halloween be the perfect time to launch something like this? Maybe someone will get stalked? Maybe this is how Ava’s return will be revealed? She’ll be in a costume on Halloween, following Tripp, or even Steve.

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