Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For June 2022

Published on June 1, 2022.

It’s a brand-new month in Salem with plenty of new drama that awaits! What should Days of Our Lives (DOOL) viewers expect to see unfold during the next four weeks or so? A possible character passing, while familiar faces may return, and Jan’s turning a new leaf? Learn about these storylines and others in the below DOOL spoilers for June 2022.

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12. Are Abigail’s Days Numbered?

Rumors have been swirling that Abby DiMera’s days may be numbered in Salem. Word on the street has it that not only could Abigail be murdered, but she’ll suffer a beheading, too. That sounds absolutely outrageous, right? However, this is the land of Salem where anything is possible. But who would do this and why?

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11. A Potential Theory…

DOOL spoilers note that Abigail will be placed on Leo’s revenge hit list very soon. She was not only behind the downfall of his wedding but also her half-sister Gwen’s. If these two besties come together for a plan, things could turn dire for Abigail. But could Stark and Rizczech cross this line? The soap’s head writer Ron Carlivati was recently asked about this storyline outcome, and he sets the record straight… well, sort of.

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10. Carlivati’s Take

During an interview with, Mr. Carlivati neither confirmed nor denied Abigail’s possible beheading/murder fate. With Leo focusing on Abby and her downfall occurring sometime soon, fans will have to wait and see if this rumor turns into fact. Could Days decide to get rid of Abigail? Where would that leave Chad, Thomas and Charlotte?

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9. Belle’s World

DOOL spoilers for early June reveal that Belle will struggle over what’s going on between Jan and her hubby; so much so, she’ll serve him with separation papers. Is “Shelle” officially on the rocks? It looks that way. Belle will focus on her new romance with EJ DiMera, but how will her sister Sami feel about it when she finds out?

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8. Sami’s Set To Return

DOOL spoilers imply that Samantha Brady will return to Salem soon, as actress Alison Sweeney reprises her infamous role. Along with her, Sami will bring a ton of drama. She’ll have a story to tell family and friends about deception and love, so it’ll be interesting to find out what Ms. Brady has been through since she’s been away from the little town.

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7. Sisters At Odds

Days spoilers for June also hint that both Belle and Sami will clash upon Sami’s return to Salem. Will this be about EJ? Interestingly enough, the sisters won’t be the only ones who aren’t seeing see eye-to-eye. Added teasers suggest that Lucas and EJ will also be on opposite sides of the page and bickering. But what else is new?

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6. Nicole Is Supportive

DOOL spoilers reveal that Nicole Walker will likely end up finding out about EJ and Belle’s kiss and be fully supportive of their potential romance. She knows it’ll get on her nemesis’s last nerve, so Nicole’s all about getting behind anything that upsets Sami. How will Ms. Brady react when she finds out Rafe has proposed to Walker?

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5. Shawn’s Stuck

Since it’s likely that Shawn and Belle will completely crumble in June, Shawn will struggle with the loss of his wife and the end of his marriage. Plus, added teasers hint he’ll have unhealthy jealousy when it comes to EJ. He’ll feel as if he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place with Jan and his wife; he doesn’t want to lose Belle, but he wants to do right by his child.

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4. Will Jan Turn Over A New Leaf?

Will Jan Spears decide to clean up her act before the baby comes and turn over a new leaf? Days spoilers suggest as much (well, to a degree). In early June, she’ll reach out to Marlena looking for help, and Evans will be caught off guard. After all, Spears has tormented her daughter over the years and is the reason Shawn and Belle are breaking up.

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3. Marlena Tries To Do What’s Right

DOOL spoilers note that Dr. Evans will struggle to do “what’s right” next month. If Jan is sincere and wants to change, Marlena will want to do everything she can to help her out. However, things could get sticky if Belle finds out what her mom is doing. With that said, if Evans can help Spears with her mental health issues, then maybe there’s a chance Jan will back away from Shawn, stop playing games, and allow for a “Shelle” reunion. Then again, this may be another ploy by Spears to ruin Belle and her entire family.

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2. Stephanie Johnson Returns?

Actress Abigail Klein has been recast as Stephanie Johnson, Steve and Kayla’s daughter, and she’s set to appear in DOOL’s spin-off, Beyond Salem, this summer. During an interview with Soap Central, Ron Carlivati teased that there’s a chance Ms. Johnson could return to the little town. With actor Peter Reckell (who’s also cast in Beyond Salem) recently making an angelic appearance on Days, could Stephanie pop by to say, “hi” in June?

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1. Rafe’s Special Assignment

Speaking of angelic, little Bo is winning hearts everywhere in Salem. The Bradys, Hortons, and Westons are just over the moon that the baby’s soul wasn’t taken by the Devil, as Satan had planned. Some sweet DOOL spoilers imply that Ciara will have a special request for Rafe in early June, where Baby Bo is concerned. Sounds like he’ll have the special assignment of being the child’s godfather. 

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