Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (February 17, 2020)

Published on February 12, 2020.

It seems like another explosive week in Salem is on the horizon! Gabi will admit to something big while Julie will collapse during the Eli/Gabi wedding. Also, there will be some hopeful news for Baby Mickey on the way. Learn about these storylines and others in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of February 17, 2020.

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9. Lani Crashes The Wedding

It seems like there will be a ton of moving pieces on Monday’s episode. According to DOOL spoilers, Lani will crash Eli and Gabi’s wedding. She’s determined to ruin things for Gabi, as Hernandez ruined them for her on her big day, and it seems like she’ll succeed. But not without some major drama along the way.

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8. Julie Collapses

DOOL spoilers state that Julie will collapse on Monday’s episode during the wedding ceremony it seems. Does this have to do with her heart condition and Gabi’s app controlling it all, or will this happen because of something (or someone) else? As the week goes on, things might be bleak for Julie as teasers hint that Jenn will be given sad news about someone close, and Doug will experience an unexpected passing in the family.

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7. Gabi’s Admission

DOOL spoilers also tease that Gabi will admit to something huge on Monday. Does she fess up about Julie’s heart? As the days go by, Rafe will be forced to arrest her due to her actions (how awkward will that be for him). As the weekend approaches, teasers indicate that Gabi will realize she faces a bleak future. In other related spoilers, Lani will have to explain her actions to Eli once all is said and done.

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6. 50 Years In Salem

Back to Doug, this Tuesday marks actor Bill Haye’s 50th anniversary in Salem. DOOL spoilers state that he’ll reflect on his years in the little town when someone in the family unexpectedly passes. The episode is being touted as a special one to honor Bill’s anniversary, and he’ll remember good times and bad, as well as reminisce about when he first arrived on the Days scene. It sounds like a show most long-time fans won’t want to miss.

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5. Kayla and “Steve”

On to the Stevano drama, DOOL spoilers indicate that Kayla will be taken aback when “Steve” has a revelation. Meanwhile, Justin and Rafe will work very hard to try and find Kayla in the coming days. In other related teasers, Jarlena will share a romantic Valentine’s Day, while Roman and Hattie have a sweet moment of their own this coming week.

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4. WilSon Reminisce

DOOL spoilers indicate that Will and Sonny will (separately) remember their last Valentine’s Day as a couple. As the week progresses, Sonny will wonder why Will hasn’t filed their divorce papers; probably because now that Horton knows the truth, he won’t want to divorce Sonny after all. Meanwhile, Will does some digging of his own by asking Maggie questions about the night of Adrienne’s accident.

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3. Ciara & Ben

DOOL spoilers suggest that Ciara will give Ben an overview of her theory on who was behind Jordan’s passing. Not all good news for the Cin couple this week, as teasers hint that they may be found. It seems as if Rafe will try to arrest Ben, and Ciara will do all she can to stop him for doing so.

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2. Unsettling Dream

As per DOOL spoilers, Kristen will have a dream about her baby that will leave her quite unsettled. Could she be on to the fact that her baby is actually alive, and that the child actually needs her? Seems like it won’t be long before someone puts two-and-two together. Especially with Mickey’s current condition and bone marrow need.

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1. Hopeful News

Speaking of, DOOL spoilers tease some hopeful news for Mackenzie that will leave her parents optimistic about her situation. It seems as if a bone marrow match will be found for the baby; however, Sarah will be taken aback when she learns of the identity of the donor. Could Kristen or Brady be a match for the child?

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