Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (February 4, 2019)

Published on January 31, 2019.

Get ready for an explosive week in Salem, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! A character returns, and audiences will be shocked by what she’s been up to lately. Learn more about what will happen to Ciara, Ben, Leo, Hope, Stefan, Brady, Chloe and others in the DOOL spoilers for the week of February 4, 2019.

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9. Hope Accused Ben

While Ciara is missing in action, momma bear Hope will be out of her mind. In fact, Days spoilers suggest she’ll accuse Ben of kidnapping her daughter. Ben isn’t the one behind Ciara’s disappearance, and he’ll deny that he has anything to do with it. He’ll also worry himself and wonder what has happened to his girlfriend.

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8. Jordan Returns!

Ben’s sister Jordan will return to the show on Monday, February 4th, and fans will be floored when they find out what she’s been up to. She certainly wasn’t a villainess when she was last in Salem; however, things have clearly changed. Days spoilers indicate that while Ciara is gagged and blindfolded in the cabin, she’ll see Jordan and beg for her help, but Jordan won’t blink an eyelash and she’ll end up leaving the young woman tied up.

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7. Ciara Tries To Break Free

As the week progresses, DOOL spoilers suggest that Ciara will be desperately looking to escape her captor. In fact, we all know that as the offspring of Bo and Hope she can be quite resourceful, and it seems as if she’ll figure out a way to trick whoever has kidnapped her so that she can break free. Will she be successful?

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6. Another Kidnapping

Ciara won’t be the only one that’s gone missing this week. DOOL spoilers indicate little Charlotte DiMera will also be kidnapped as the days progress, and it seems as if all arrows are pointing to Jordan being behind that one too. Sadly, it seems as Jordan has returned to protect people against her brother, and it’s clear her logic is pretty twisted.

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5. Abigail Chats It Up With Jordan

Jordan is clearly all over the place in Salem this week! DOOL spoilers hint that she and Abby have a talk where Abigail tells her all about the encounter she had with Ben. Could this be the reason why Jordan potentially abducted little Charlotte? To ultimately protect the baby and Abby against her brother? Seems so!

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4. Chad Accuses Stefan

Seems rather on point that Chad would accuse his brother of stealing Baby Charlotte, after the connection Stefan built with the child when he thought he was her father. DOOL spoilers suggest that Chad will believe that Stefan has taken the infant, and call him on it. Having said that, we all know that Stefan is not behind Charlotte’s kidnapping, so he will obviously deny the entire thing. Here’s hoping someone can put two-and-two together soon.

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3. Stefan Saves Chloe

Speaking of, Days spoilers tease that Stefan will save Chloe’s life this week, risking his own in the process. He’ll rescue her from criminals looking for revenge against Mateo’s death. After all is said and done, DiMera will also offer Chloe some protection by inviting her to stay at his mansion.

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2. Love Triangle Popping Up?

While Stefan looks to help Chloe, Brady will also offer to take her in as well. Who will Chloe choose? Days spoilers hint she’ll take Stefan up on his offer, and apparently, some chemistry will begin to fly between the two. With Brady still lingering in the wings, Chloe is clearly going to be stuck between two men as the weeks of February progress.

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1. John Confides In Roman

Lastly, Days spoilers indicate that John will approach Roman this week with something that is weighing heavy on his mind. Seems as if Black believes that Leo could be his son. Arrows do seem to point in this direction, and with Diana back in town, anything is possible! Leo being a Black could cause a lot of chaos in Salem!

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