Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (October 12, 2020)

Published on October 7, 2020.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! What’s on tap for the coming week in Salem? More Allie and Tripp drama, as Eli struggles, and Hope says goodbye to the little town. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for the week of October 12, 2020.

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9. Lucas Is Brought Into The Loop

Seems as if more people will learn about Allie’s accusations against Tripp this coming week. DOOL spoilers hint that Nicole will reluctantly tell Lucas some “devastating” news. She’ll probably tell him about what Allie has told her, and Horton will undeniably hit the roof. With that said, Lucas isn’t the only family member that will hear about Allie’s story.

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8. John Loses It

DOOL spoilers imply that John will “lose it” in the coming days when he finds out about what Tripp did to Allie. He’s already snappy-snappy as it is, so will John cross a line? Will he lash out at Steve? There’s a good chance he may do both. This entire storyline could pull Steve and John apart. It also may cause John to do something drastic. In related teasers, John’s recovery will take a few steps back in the coming days.

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7. Eli’s Dilemma

DOOL spoilers suggest that Eli will have a major dilemma that he’ll struggle with the week of October 12th. He’ll turn to Abe and share what he’s going through. Could it be that he’s feeling a bit guilty around tricking Kristen this week, or is there more to this?

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6. New Evidence Emerges

Meanwhile, at Salem PD, DOOL spoilers indicate that Shawn and Hope will get new information about Ciara this week. Could it be that Vincent’s story doesn’t mesh right? Could someone have tracked her down? This might all lead up to the reason Hope will be leaving Salem, which rolls down the pipe in the coming days.

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5. Hope’s Goodbye

If you are a fan of actress Kristian Alfonso’s work on Days as Hope Brady (which most of us are), you won’t want to miss Wednesday, October 14th. Alfonso posted the date on social media as her last one in Salem, so if you can’t watch the show then don’t forget to PVR it! Hope will most likely decide to venture off in search of Ciara, leaving the door open for both her and her daughter to return.

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4. Jake and Chad

DOOL spoilers state that Jake and Chad might clear the air this week. In fact, Chad will offer up an olive branch to his half-brother. It seems as if Abigail could be behind it all. With that said, Jake is nothing at all like Stefan was. Here’s hoping they can come together and make things work.

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3. Kate and Jake

Is there a new DOOL super couple on the horizon? Days spoilers imply that Jake and Kate may get a little closer this week. While Kate was trying to spy on him for Chad, in the coming days the two will find they have a lot in common and a lot to talk about.

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2. J&J Chat

Speaking of the DiMera Mansion, Jack and Jenn will have a chat of their own this week. In fact, Days spoilers suggest a “deep discussion” between this beloved Salem super couple. Could everything be okay with these two? Maybe Jenn needs to talk about Hope and Ciara, or the Allie and Tripp he said/she said stories. After all, Allie is Jenn’s niece, while Tripp is Jack’s nephew.

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1. Titan Drama

DOOL spoilers reveal that Philip will successfully push Xander to his breaking point this week. In addition, related teasers note that the tense environment at Titan will increase that much more in the coming days, as private and professional relationships will collide. It seems as if something quite dire could be on the horizon between Philip and Xandy.

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