Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (October 21, 2019)

Published on October 16, 2019. Updated November 11, 2019

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Wonder what’s on tap for next week? Two couples in Salem will hear wedding bells ringing in the distance; Jordan will unleash a scheme; and Gabi will continue to grieve. Learn about these and other storylines in the DOOL spoilers for the week of October 21, 2019.

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9. Jack Proposes!

DOOL spoilers reveal that Jack will ask Jenn to marry him in the next few days, and it will come out in the spur of the moment. He’s feeling good about the reunion, and he may want to make things official. Might not be too long before Days viewers see Jennifer walking down the aisle … yet again!

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8. Jack’s Not The Only One

Seems like another Johnson family member will hear wedding bells ringing when Justin pops the question to Adrienne. DOOL spoilers indicate that Kiriakis will propose to her earlier on in the week, a day or so before Jack asks Jenn. Will fans be privy to a double wedding in the near future?

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7. Medical Crisis

DOOL spoilers suggest that Kristen will suffer a medical crisis of sorts this week. Teasers don’t offer any information about the baby; however, they do hint that Kristen will get the support she needs from Brady, so while she may be worried about her child, she may also bask in the glory of Brady’s attention.

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6. Child’s Paternity?

DOOL spoilers also reveal that while Brady will support Kristen, he will be a bit concerned. Seems like an issue may come up around the baby’s paternity during Kristen’s medical crisis. Perhaps this reveals a health concern for the baby that just may be hereditary. Could Brady help? With all the issues he’s having with Victor, and his grandad’s disapproval of this new baby, perhaps Kiriakis holds the key to help the unborn infant.

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5. Jordan’s Plan

DOOL spoilers tease an awful scheme concocted by Jordan this week that will center around Baby David’s birthday party. It seems as if she’ll plan the event in an attempt to target Ciara. As she, Ben, and Ciara all want to “move” forward from that hit-and-run incident, Jordan will invite them in good faith (well, pretending to do so). Sadly, Ben and Ciara will attend the party, only for something to go very wrong.

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4. Ciara’s Ill

DOOL spoilers state that Ciara will suddenly feel ill at Baby David’s birthday bash. Could poison be the culprit? Whatever Jordan has planned to bring Ciara down, it seems like it just may work, as she’ll feel sick during the festivities. Here’s hoping someone figures out what is going wrong, and Ciara isn’t hurt (or worse) during Jordan’s latest scheme.

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3. Stefan’s Funeral

As the week comes to an end, viewers and fellow Salemites will officially say their goodbyes to Stefan DiMera. DOOL spoilers indicate that a grieving Gabi will worry friends Will and Sonny. She won’t be okay in the least, but grief will motivate her to take her frustrations out on two specific people.

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2. Gabi’s Vow

DOOL spoilers hint that at Stefan’s funeral, Hernandez will make a vow to avenge DiMera’s death. Her two targets are Eli and Lani at this point, and she will promise to stop at nothing to destroy them. It doesn’t sound like good news for Lani and Eli, so they better watch their backs. Gabi is not someone you want to mess with.

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1. Hope’s Behavior

DOOL spoilers reveal that Hope’s behavior will continue to raise an eyebrow from loved ones, family, and friends. Jarlena will maintain their worry around how Hope is acting, and this week, it spills over to her in-laws and best friends, Kayla and Roman Brady. Will anyone be able to put two-and-two together?

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