6 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (November 20)

Published on November 20, 2017.

While Thanksgiving hits Salem this week, many residents don’t feel like they have much to be thankful for. Will’s storyline continues to escalate, and while a truth comes out, another secret remains buried. J.J. remains quite upset over Theo’s shooting. Also, a couple has an explosive argument that could lead to a breakup. Learn more about these stories and others in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers below.

6. Will Is Confused

Seems this storyline continues to heat up this week! Will is very confused and in the next couple of days, this confusion will only increase. Will is torn between believing what he’s always (thought) he’s known and this new information that has been brought forth. Both Susan and Sami will work hard this week to try and convince him that their story is the right one to believe.

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5. Voice Of Reason

Will continues to feel confused when he runs into Paul and Sonny at the bar. How can Sonny have a fiance and a husband? He starts to feel that all these Salemites are simply crazy. Marlena later strolls into town to help. While he won’t remember her, Will and Marlena had a strong bond in the past. He will see her as the only normal one from the Salem crowd and a connection between them will be felt.

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4. Truth Comes Out

Days’ spoilers reveal that Roger will come forward this week and let Will know that Susan has been lying this entire time. Susan will be devastated but turns out the old E.J. may be kicking around somewhere. After Susan breaks down from losing her ‘new’ E.J., Kristen DiMera will return and drop another bomb to DOOL fans. Turns out, E.J. is alive. An E.J. return might be in the works, but for now, Kirsten simply relays an evil laugh and tells Susan that E.J. being alive is a secret she wants to keep to herself.

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3. The Eve/Brady/Victor Saga

Eve is still quite upset about Brady trying to frame her for Deimos’ murder. She lets Victor and Brady have it and tells them they shouldn’t count her out. Victor believes that Eve needs to be taken care of and Maggie stirs the pot a bit this week, wanting to know more about Deimos’ murder.

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2. Theo’s Condition

While he is alive, it’s not looking good for Theo this week. Family and friends gather to say goodbye to him, as it seems like heading to rehab may be the best option for Theo. Lani turns to Eli for support, while Claire turns to Tripp. Abe’s also in a bad place but has friends in Sami and Roman, who give him their support this week. J.J. is also in a bad place. Despite orders against this, he sneaks into Theo’s room before the young man is moved to rehab.

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1. More Spoilers!

Hope and Rafe have an argument that rocks their relationship. DOOL spoilers hint that the fight deals with Theo’s shooting and J.J., and some personal issues get thrown into the mix. Rafe may turn to an ex this week. Speaking of exes, Adrienne and Justin make love and the two share a nice little love scene.

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