7 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (May 28)

Published on May 28, 2018. Updated June 4, 2018

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Wondering what’s going down this week in the land of Salem? Some surprises, a little begging from a wife desperate to help her husband, and a villain apparently takes a turn for the good! Want to know more? Check out the seven DOOL spoilers down below for the week of May 28th.

7. Kayla Approaches Stefan

Now that Vivian is no longer part of the land of the living (for now), Stefan is public enemy number one in Salem. However, with no one in town to support him, this has him thinking twice when Kayla approaches him this week for a huge favor.

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6. Kayla Lays A Request On The Table

As we all know, Kayla is desperate to help hubby Steve out with his vision issues. As DiMera Enterprises just purchased Visionary Bionics, she pays a visit to Stefan in hopes that he can help them out. While Steve is adjusting to his condition, he’s still pretty upset about not being able to see anymore. The artificial technology that DiMera Enterprises has acquired through its new company can help Patch, and despite the fact that Stefan and Steve don’t get along, Kayla makes a desperate plea to DiMera on behalf of her husband.

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5. Stefan’s Plan

Stefan agrees to help Steve; however, there is a condition. He wants Kate to go down and tells Kayla he’s willing to help them — if she’ll help him. DOOL spoilers indicate that Kayla agrees to work with Stefan to bring down Kate. After all, Roberts has never been the nicest woman in Salem, and Kayla is willing to do just about anything to help the love of her life get his sight back.

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4. Ben’s Evaluation

Moving on to Ben Weston, he’ll undergo an evaluation from Dr. Marlena Evans this week. While he keeps insisting that he’s all good now, Marlena will be skeptical. When all is set and done, it will appear as if Ben’s treatment worked well, and he just might have a chance to redeem himself; however, how will Salem feel about this new-found Ben? It’s only natural that Abigail, Chad, Eve, Will, Jenn, and Eric just might be a little doubtful.

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3. Will & Paul

Paul and Will go back and forth on whether or not Will should try and pursue finding a cure for his memory loss condition. While it would be good for Will to remember his past, what would this all mean for the future of their relationship. Speaking of Paul, he and John are caught by Mateo and his crew earlier in the week.

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2. Brady Caught Between Two Sisters

As Brady ponders over which Donovan sister to move forward with, Eve or Theresa, it seems like he’s ready to make a decision this week. However, before he gets the chance to, a curveball is thrown his way. Also, Xander continues to make Theresa’s life in Salem as miserable as it can be.

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1. More Spoilers!

Please note DOOL fans, Days is pre-empted on Monday, May 28th due to Memorial weekend festivities in the United States. On to other DOOL spoilers this week, Hope is given surprising news about Ben and Jaime Lyn Bauer returns to Salem as Dr. Laura Horton for a short stint. Wonder how the Hortons will react to Laura’s return!

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