8 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (June 18)

Published on June 18, 2018.

It’s Monday so that means it’s also time for Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) fans to fall back into the Salem drama. What’s on tap? Some sad news, a bonding session between two new-found friends, and a confession. Learn more about Lani, Eli, The Horton Clan, Stefan, and Kayla in the 8 DOOL spoilers for the week of June 18th.

8. Kayla Gets Caught

Kayla makes good on her promise to Stefan and does a little looking around in Kate’s room this week; however, Will ends up catching her. The good news is that Kayla is quick on her feet and comes up with a pretty good excuse to ease Will’s mind. The better news is that she does gather some evidence for Stefan.

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7. Stefan The Backstabber

While the proof Kayla finds against Kate is good, it’s not good enough, and Stefan let’s her know she needs to find something more to truly bury Kate. In other Stephan news, no big shocker here, but Stefan ends up backstabbing Eve when it comes to a deal they made together with Brady. He believes it’s time to alter the terms of their arrangement.

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6. Gabi Released

Good news for Gabi fans! She’s finally released from prison this week; however, her reunion with Ari won’t be all she thought it would be. While the only thing on Gabi’s mind after she leaves her jail cell is to see Arianna, when her daughter sees her, she is hurt, angry, and confused about Gabi’s recent absence.

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5. Chad Approaches Victor

Chad approaches Victor with an interesting proposal. He believes he should be Titan’s new head honcho. Chad pitches Victor around just why he would be the perfect CEO to choose from. In other Chad news, Kate is struck by the conscious bug and reveals something huge to Chad this week.

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4. Ben and Ciara

The two bond a little up in the cabin, as Ciara shares something with Ben, and he confides a disturbing childhood memory to her. Frustrated with not knowing where her daughter is, Hope lashes out on Tripp, blaming him for her disappearance; however, by the end of the week Hope will find a little bit of relief when Ciara calls her. She’ll be happy to know she’s okay, but a little upset when she finds out where she is.

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3. Will’s Memory

It seems that Dr. Rolf’s injection might already be working as Will gets a memory flashback this week. Great news, right? Might be for Will, but maybe not for Paul. As the week progresses, DOOL spoilers indicate that Will keeps a something from Paul. Is there a secret around the fact that he had a memory flash or what the memory flash was about? Could be both.

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2. Lani Rushed To the Hospital

Lani is rushed to the hospital by J.J., and it turns out that she will shows signs of going into pre-term labor and need an emergency c-section. The Horton clan show their support to Lani and Eli during this trying time. In fact, Eli and Abe share a nice moment together. Meanwhile, Lani has a dream that she and J.J. are living a beautiful life with the baby. Sadly, Eli and Lani receive some awful news by week’s end.

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1. More Spoilers!

Jennifer, Eric, Lucas and Chloe gather together to have a dinner and celebrate Chloe’s return to Salem and the couple’s reunion; however, it is cut short when the foursome learns about Lani’s pregnancy issues. Steve has a stern conversation with Stefan over his recent behavior when it comes to his niece, Abigail.

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