Gossip Girl Fashion: 10 Timeless Tips

Published on July 20, 2015. Updated April 3, 2017

The characters on “Gossip Girl” were experts when it came to fashion or, at the very least, the people on-set who styled them were. All of the characters had their own unique sense of style and it was fabulous. The storylines always left a lot to be desired, but the clothes…oh the clothes! They were on another level altogether. We’ve been missing the show as of late, and by the show what we really mean are the characters and their awesome wardrobes. Since fashion like that never goes out of style, we should all take note of some the things that “Gossip Girl” taught us about fashion.

10. Make Your Uniform Unique

When it came to their school uniforms, the girls at Constance Billard School for Girls were anything but uniform. They were always customizing their uniforms with bright tights, embellished handbags, color-coordinated designer bags and gorgeous coats. Working professionals take note – it doesn’t take much to make a dull outfit fashionable.

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9. A Stylish Coat Is the Best Accessory

The “Gossip Girl” characters loved to make a statement with their coats. The girls loved their coats nice and colorful or with lots of embellishments. We now know that there is no better accessory than a stylish coat!

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8. Headbands Never Go Out of Fashion

Before Blair Waldorf, headbands were a thing of the past. We credit Blair and her adorably perfect headbands with making them cool again.

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7. Always Accessorize

When it comes to accessories, coats, brightly colored tights and designer handbags are just the beginning. The girls on “Gossip Girl” showed us that oversized necklaces, bangles, rings and knit scarves can also add a lot of character to an outfit.

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6. The Shorter the Better

Serena van der Woodsen loved her dresses short and she wasn’t the only one. Blair Waldorf would also on occasion sport something super short and so would little Jenny Humphrey. With the way that they would accessorize, no one even noticed how short their hemlines were.

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5. Even Men Can Be Super Fashionable

The men on “Gossip Girl” were almost as fashionable as the women. Take Chuck for example. He never shied away from bright colors or prints and he always made sure his shirts and pants were fitted. He also liked to layer and understood the importance of a stylish coat.

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4. Mixing Prints is a Good Thing

The girls on “Gossip Girl” are all about mixing prints and they do it well, which isn’t easy. Waldorf was definitely a master when it came to mixing patterns and prints.

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3. Switch It Up Every So Often – Go Retro

Sometimes being fashion forward means recycling bits and pieces of trends from the past. Blair Waldorf was an expert at this. She could take something with a very ‘60s vibe and make it current.

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2. Sequins Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen were all about sequins. It didn’t matter whether it was a formal gown or a cute little tunic, put sequins on it and it looks one hundred times more sophisticated.

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1. Spice Up Your Outfit with a Pair of Bright Tights

Before “Gossip Girl,” tights were one of those things that you blended with your outfit. After watching Blair Waldorf and her friends, however, we’ve realized that adding some colorful tights to an outfit is a great idea – it will make you stand out, in a good way.

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