Soap Opera 2022 Forecast: Plotline Predictions 

Published on January 13, 2022.

It’s a brand-new year in the land of soap operas, with endless opportunities for drama and intrigue. What new romances, adventures and love triangles will unfold in all four shows? Daytime drama fans just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are the major soap opera plotline predictions for 2022.

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16. DOOL – Allie Dumps Tripp For Chanel

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) has been tiptoeing around this storyline for a while now. As Johnny has recently dumped Chanel, thanks to the Devil, it won’t take long for Allie and her BFF to reconnect on another level. Satan isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so Ms. Horton will likely dump Tripp for Chanel by the time Valentine’s Day hits.

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15. GH – Peter Exits

The truth about baby Louise is slowly seeping out, and with Felicia on the case and Tracy in the know, it’s only a matter of time. With that said, Louise is only with BLQ and Chase to protect her from Peter. The baby’s identity will be revealed around the same time Peter August exits the canvas, in some weeks or months ahead. He’ll likely jump off a cliff, or be caught in an explosion/house fire he can’t get out of. Everyone will assume he’s passed away; however, no body will be found, allowing for him to return in the future.

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14. Y&R – Chance And Abby Versus Devon

Things are about to get ugly between these three! Devon will likely launch a custody suit to ensure he gets the time he deserves with Dominic. Whether fans are #TeamChabby or #TeamDevon, it’s undeniable that this storyline will continue to be intriguing in 2022. With the help of girlfriend Amanda Sinclair, Hamilton will present a case that might make Chance and Abby look like unstable parents. After all, who drops their newborn off at a friend’s house without telling them exactly where they are going and how long they will be gone?

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13. B&B Flo And Shauna Exit

Viewers haven’t seen Flo since the spring of 2021, which is just fine, because to most B&B fans, the newest member of the Logan clan is irredeemable. Executive Producer Bradley Bell has promised Flo will be back, but speculation teases it won’t be for long. The baby thief will marry Wyatt and head back to Las Vegas with her new husband, never to return. It’s expected that Wyatt will reappear at some point later in the year. But Flo’s mother Shauna will also exit. All she’s done lately is provide a sounding board to her bestie Quinn, so chances are good that she, too, will return home to Vegas.

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12. Days – The Devil Is Finally Gone… For Good

Devil Johnny has been quite the shocker, but most fans are over Satan and his antics. He may never possess Marlena again, but is there any way to banish him from Salem permanently? This storyline is getting stale. Here’s hoping John, Marlena and Susan Banks can think of a way to rid the little town of this evil. It’ll happen, probably closer to Easter though.

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11. GH – Carly And Sonny Officially Split

As much as Sonny loves Carly, he can’t shake his feelings for Nina. Reeves and Corinthos will likely cross a line in February, and his wife will learn about it. Carly and Sonny will take a break sometime in January, and Sonny will let his emotions get the better of him with Nina. The two will spend the night together, and when news eventually reaches Carly, it’ll officially be Splitsville for the super couple. Nina and Sonny will shack up, and Carly may move on with someone else. But who will that “someone else” be, now that Jason is gone?

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10. Y&R – Rey Cheats On Sharon 

Seems pretty outlandish that Rey would cheat on Sharon. Having said that, the “friendly” encounters Rosales has had with Chelsea Lawson as of late are very over-the-top, too. Forgiveness is one thing, but it looks as if Rey’s giving Chelsea a complete pass on poisoning him. Regardless, the two will find themselves drinking and Rosales may even think that Sharon has crossed a line with Nick (or something along that line, even though it’ll be a misunderstanding). Lawson will of course be upset about Adam, and she and Rey will get intimate. This will create an interesting dynamic, as Rey and Chelsea will work hard to keep their one-nighter a secret.

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9. B&B Paris’ Future

So far, Paris has dated Zende, crushed on and fantasized about Steffy’s husband Finn and rejected Thomas’ advances. On New Year’s Eve, she threw caution to the wind and kissed Carter. Speculation teases that Paris will betray Zende again with the Forrester COO. Another wildcard thrown into Paris’ life recently was the arrival of her mother, Dr. Grace Buckingham, who is a big fan of Zende’s. She also recently admonished Carter for the way he treated Paris’ sister, Zoe. So how will Grace react when she finds out Paris is romantically involved with the man who broke Zoe’s heart?

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8. DOOL – Rafe and Nicole Finally Find Their ‘Happily Ever After’

Nicole and Rafe will be kept apart for most of the winter because of Ava and her mind games. However, Vitali will likely be exposed around the spring. Walker and Hernandez will learn the truth about Ava, and finally be together. This is great news for fans rooting this couple on, but how long will they be happy if Eric Brady decides to officially return to Salem, later in 2022?

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7. GH – Hayden Returns

It doesn’t take a fortune teller to predict that Hayden Barnes will likely return sometime in 2022. With Finn and Elizabeth inching closer and closer, Barnes will storm back on the scene and find her baby daddy and half-sister intimate and playing family with all the kids (Violet, included). Hayden will feel betrayed and hurt, but could Drew Cain help to ease any hard feelings she has against Liz and Finn?

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6. B&B – “Bridge” Crumbles

Brooke broke her sobriety on New Year’s Eve and passed out with Deacon, thanks to Sheila switching the label on a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne. When Brooke woke up, she realized she’d blacked out the night before and couldn’t remember exactly what happened. To viewers, it appeared as though Brooke slept under the covers and Deacon was still in his clothes. However, Brooke did mention to Ridge that she couldn’t even recall how she’d gotten upstairs, so there could be even more surprises to come in this storyline. Ridge has asked her several times if Deacon had any involvement in her drinking and she’s admitted nothing. He’s also said that if they’re honest with each other, they can overcome anything. But when he eventually finds out she spent the night with Deacon, and they kissed, “Bridge’s” marriage will be kaput.

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5. Y&R – Time For A Genoa City Wedding

Lily and Billy have hurdled over every obstacle in 2021. They make a great pair in the boardroom, but an even better pair in the bedroom! It’s hard not to see these two getting hitched by the summer of 2022. Maybe a wedding and a baby is in their near future? The sky’s the limit for Billy and Lily this year!

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4. DOOL – Stefan DiMera Returns

The DiMera mansion may be filled to the brim with family members right now… but the house is big enough for one more. When the Devil summoned the dead during Halloween last year, he failed to awaken a truly “evil” one in Stefan DiMera. Could this foreshadow the idea that Jake’s twin is actually alive? How insane would it be if Gabi had to choose between two brothers in 2022?

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3. B&B – Ridge And Taylor Find Their Way Back To Each Other

Once Ridge dumps Brooke, after finding out she held back a huge secret from him, it’ll open the door for him to reunite with Taylor. There’s a reason Taylor was brought back to the B&B canvas in late 2021 and it wasn’t just for her to reunite with Steffy and Thomas. The psychiatrist has never stopped loving her ex-husband and even stayed away from LA for years because she didn’t think she could handle seeing him with Brooke. So, when Ridge turns to her after breaking up with Brooke, she will happily take him back. But will Taylor and Ridge finally get their ‘happily ever after’ in 2022?

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2. GH – Lulu Awakens

Dante and Sam are cute together, but they aren’t half the couple Lulu and Falconeri were. There’s a very good chance that Lulu could awaken from her slumber this year especially if Sam and Dante continue to move forward in their romance. What if they decide to get married? Could Lulu interrupt the ceremony (with the help of Maxie)?

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1. Y&R – Tessa Ends Up Expecting

Things are going very well between Tessa and Mariah right now. With that said, adoption can create a ton of stress between a couple. Could the two land in a fight, during which Noah stumbles across an overly-emotional Tessa? What if they cross a line together? What if Tessa ends up expecting? It would solve Tessa and Mariah’s adoption issues but also create a ton of conflict within the family and between the couple.

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