Soap Opera Characters Who Need To Be Written Off In 2021

Published on November 26, 2020.

The land of daytime drama is a revolving door. One minute a character is living their best life, and then the next, they are skipping town or passing away; it all depends on how interesting their storylines are or if they’ve outrun their course on a show. As such, below are some soap opera characters who could be written off in 2021.

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12. Lola Rosales – Young and the Restless

This time last year Kola was a major thing, and Lola was enjoying all the holiday prepping a newlywed could handle. Things went sour and fast between her and Kyle, and with Theo no longer in the picture, Lola hasn’t been seen all that much onscreen as of late. She could use a storyline or romance at this point. If not, she may be headed out of Genoa City in 2021.

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11. Peter August – General Hospital

Peter’s days are numbered in Port Charles. If Dante doesn’t bring him down, Robert Scorpio or Damien Spinelli will. After the dust settles once the truth comes out, will there be much in the little town for August? Other than Anna Devane, and possibly his child with Maxie, he’ll have no one.

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10. Roman Brady – Days of Our Lives

Roman Brady has a rich history on the show and plenty of family and friend connections within Salem. Other than that, Brady doesn’t have much else. He’s in desperate need of a good storyline or relationship at this point. Daughter Sami is soon to enter the picture, perhaps she can help spark something for Roman.

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9. Kevin Fisher – Young and the Restless

Everyone loves Kevin Fisher. He’s funny, quick-witted, sweet, and kind. With that said, other than taking care of new baby Miles, Fisher has been quiet in the Genoa City scene. He’s been involved in a lot of cool storylines in the past, so maybe he needs to shake off the new daddy blahs, hoist Miles into a stroller, and jump into a more dramatic storyline in 2021.

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8. Olivia Quartermaine – General Hospital

Once Olivia finds out what Ned and Alexis did, she’s sure to drop Quartermaine like a bad habit. But what could be next for her after that? Perhaps leaving town with her son and starting a new chapter in her life … somewhere else. While Olivia is a great character, it seems as if she’s done all she can in the land of Port Charles.

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7. Nicole Walker – Days of Our Lives

Speaking of someone who has “done it all”, Nicole Walker has gotten a bit bland as of late. She’s helping Allie cope as a new mom and assault victim; however, she’s got no storyline of her own and seems a little lost since Eric Brady left town. Could a new romance be brewing soon between her and Rafe? Anything is possible, but she needs something at this point.

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6. Mariah Copeland – Young and the Restless

Mariah is a great friend, daughter, and sister; there’s no denying that. But when was the last time anything interesting was going on in her life? Sometimes she feels like the sidekick to Kyle, Sharon, or Faith. It’s great that her love life with Tessa is going well, but there needs to be a little more happening, and there is much more for these two ladies to talk about and do. If the writers fail to focus on this relationship, then maybe both women need to be written off in 2021?

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5. Kevin Collins – General Hospital

Speaking of sidekicks, the Kevin and Laura relationship feels more like two roommates and friends than lovers at this point. Laura runs around with all this drama, dipping her hand in so many storyline pots, while Kevin waits for his wife to come home from her many, many trips outside of town. He’s also the go-to person when people are looking for advice, and that’s about it. Could these two split up already? Kevin could go back to Lucy, or head out of town? Unless Ryan is in the mix, Kevin never has an interesting storyline!

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4. Gwen Rizczech – Days of Our Lives

No one knows why Gwen dislikes Abigail so much and is looking to destroy her, but things are bound to come out by 2021. After that, then what or Gwen? Unless she’s the illegitimate child to someone in town (looking at you, Jack Deveraux), once her dirty deeds are found out, she’ll head to jail and be written out of storylines.

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3. Monica Quartermaine – General Hospital

Sadly, the Quartermaine family has dwindled to barely anything, and while Monica is a joy to see onscreen weekly, without an abundance of family members in the mansion to look over, her storyline is fading. Should Drew come back? Perhaps create more of a relationship between her and Jason need to be at play? Her role on the show seems to be decreasing by the moment.

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2. Abe Carver – Days of Our Lives

It was great seeing Abe enjoy some romance in his life when Valerie and Sheila were around, but now his storylines simply revolve around Eli, Lani, and all their drama. Abe is not only an iconic Days character but is also played flawlessly by the legendary James Reynolds. It’s time for Abe to have a little more fun and drama in the land of Salem!

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1. Michael Baldwin – Young and the Restless

Another grand character played by another amazing actor! Michael Baldwin hasn’t been up to all that much in 2020. He used to be the lawyer everyone turned to when they needed help, but even that has seemingly stopped. No one wants to see Lauren and Michael break up, but a little more screen time would be nice! Fenmore continues to take the corporate world by storm, so it’s time for Baldwin to get a more interesting storyline in 2021, or he could be written off the canvas.

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