Bachelor Chris Soules Reveals Details Of The New Season

Published on December 23, 2014. Updated June 5, 2018
Source: ABC

Farm boy Chris Soules may have the honest, good guy thing going for him but no season of The Bachelor is complete without tons of drama, regardless of who the bachelor is and who the contestants are.

With season 19 of the hit ABC production filmed, edited and ready to première on January 5, the 33-year old Soules revealed just a little of what viewers will see as he dates and eliminates 25 women in an effort to find the perfect match.

“Later on after feelings got real and things started to get more intense, there were a few instances where I found out that maybe one or two of the girls weren’t being completely honest with everyone and weren’t well liked in the house,” Soules told People magazine.

25 girls competing for one guy can only mean drama and the past 18 seasons have proved just that, yet Soules revealed it was on a whole other level when he just couldn’t get one eliminated contestant to stay away.

“One of the girls I had sent home actually came back during one of the cocktail parties after a group date. She said she had driven like seven hours to see me…I felt bad for her.”

Although people’s true colors are shown eventually especially in situations like this, it turns out Soules really is a good guy as he explained how hard it was for him to say no to any of the girls.

“Starting to have feelings for multiple women got really, really hard to deal with. Sending them home when they weren’t even ready or not knowing if I was making the right decision towards the end…I found out I’m a little bit of a crier,” he confessed.

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