Bachelor Contestants Jade And Britt Speak Out After Eliminations

Published on February 18, 2015. Updated June 5, 2018

Credit: ABC

Chris Soules of The Bachelor is getting close to choosing his potential fiancee, and that means he’s left behind several upset women in his wake.

One of them is Jade Roper, who is speaking out about her surprising elimination.

When Chris accompanied Jade back to her hometown in Nebraska, she revealed that she once posed for photos for Playboy. Chris assured her that her past wasn’t a dealbreaker for him, but then he later eliminated her.

Appearing on Good Morning America, Jade expressed surprise about Chris’ decision. “I was pretty surprised. I thought, from my perspective, that my hometown date went well,” she said. “I was really sad. I didn’t expect it.”

Jade claims that after she was eliminated, Chris sat down with her and explained that the Playboy photos weren’t the reason she was sent home. “I’d like to believe that,” she said, “but there wasn’t anything else that went on that would’ve changed it.”

Check out the video to see her full interview!

Meanwhile, Britt Nilsson has spoken out about her dramatic exit from the show. “I’m not even going to address all of the things said about me except that I choose to forgive and love those people because I understand how intense of an environment we were all in, and viewers can plainly see that I tell Chris the truth every time. That speaks for itself and everything else will come and go,” she wrote Monday.

“I also apologize for processing my emotions out loud when I should have waited for privacy. I ask for grace and forgiveness as well. Love you guys. Seriously!”

Now the only question is who will get the final rose. Jade thinks it will be Whitney — but could it be Becca? The finale airs March 9 at 8 p.m. ET.

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