Bachelor Finale Spoiler: Who Does Chris Soules Pick?

Published on February 10, 2015. Updated June 5, 2018
Credit: ABC

Note: major Bachelor spoilers ahead!

Reality TV blogger Reality Steve has long been known for correctly spoiling the result of The Bachelor — but is he wrong about Chris Soules?

Weeks before the 2015 premiere of the current Season 19 of the ABC reality dating show, Steve posted that Bachelor Chris is currently engaged and madly in love with the show’s winner, Whitney Bischoff.

Unfortunately, fans and readers have reason to doubt him. Steve was wrong about Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette, making us think that perhaps Steve no longer has access to his reliable source. In addition, Steve usually posts accurate spoilers about every episode of The Bachelor, but this year he’s come up empty in that department.

Here’s another reason why fans are doubting Steve’s spoiler about Whitney: in a recent episode of The Bachelor, Whitney and Chris crashed a stranger’s wedding a part of their one-on-one date, telling people that they were engaged. Steve probably heard from some of the wedding attendees who spotted Chris with his “fiancee” Whitney and believed their ruse, fueling the spoiler.

Some fans believe that Becca Tilley is the contestant who will actually be Chris’ fiancee by the end of the season — what do you think?

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