‘Harry Potter’ Actor Jim Tavarè Suffering From Severe Injuries After Car Accident

Published on March 9, 2017.
Source: Warner Bros.

Harry Potter actor Jim Tavarè, who is best known for his role as Tom, the owner of the Leaky Cauldron, in the Harry Potter series is now in intensive care following a serious car accident.

According to reports, the actor was involved in a head-on car crash that has resulted in serious injuries including a broken neck as well as 15 broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken leg and fractured breastbones.

On Tuesday, March 7 his wife Laura took to Tavarè’s Facebook page to confirm the accident, writing, “This is Laura here. Now that his family have been informed, Jim has asked me to let you all know that he was involved in a serious car accident yesterday, a head on collision.” She then elaborated on his injuries, adding, “He’s currently in ICU intensive care. He has 15 broken ribs, fractures in both breastbones, a punctured lung, multiple breaks in his right leg, and a broken neck. He’s had 2 blood transfusions so far and is about to go in for his first surgery. This is for real, not a movie role. Please hold some good thoughts for him as he fights his way out of this.”

The actor is best known for his role as Tom the Innkeeper in the third Harry Potter film, but has also been in several series and films apart from the role. His wife did not reveal where the accident took place.

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